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Check out Gwyneth Paltrow’s incredibly perfect home

This is something that can keep me preoccupied for hours: checking out absurd, insane, envious homes of the celebs. Want to check out Gwyneth Paltrow‘s today? Normally you won’t find celebs first in line to show off the insides of their homes. Can you blame them? Everyone has a right to their own privacy, especially celebrities who’s privacy gets deprived from them. That’s why there are actually only three reasons for them to show them to the public. A: you’re the ex of a superstar and you could use the money you would get for selling the photos. B: Anna Wintour gives you a call for a super cool interview + shoot in your own home (honestly if that happens: you throw all your principles out the door) and C: you’re home is for sale. The latter being the case for Gwyneth.

”You need more than two hands to count all your famous neighbors’

The cost of the home (I’d advise you to look away if you can’t hand this…)?

12 million. TWELVE MILLION. She say’s without blinking an eye. Buttttt what you get for that 12 millie isn’t just any old junk. You’ll be living smack dab in the middle of New York City, you need more than two hands to count all your famous neighbors, you’ve got sky high marble walls and your entire home has the perfectly lighting for Instagram. Something else you might want to know: the actress bought this penthouse with her ex-hubby Chris Martin back in 2007 for close to nothing. Well, close to nothing. Let’s just say a measly 5 million dollars. The fact that the housing market has recovered and you’re able to say that Gwyn used to live in your home is worth the extra 7 million, no, absolutely.

So: do you love New York, and antique chic atmosphere, light, more marble than 72 bloggers use on their websites together and do you want to wake up in a dreamy cloud (like her lifestyle website Goop describes it)? Don’t hesitate to put up an offer. A dreamy cloud. Haha. Hahaha. Gwyn, I’ll keep it short: I expected nothing less from you. And okay, I’ll confess: I am green with envy.

Photo credits: BJÖRN WALLANDER