Sexy Friday

have you done the hanky panky in any of these places?

No? This is your sex bucket list


Want to spice up your sex life? Getting a little boring in bed? Then it’s time to broaden your horizons. My god, it’s time to start owning on your sex bucket list.


1. In the car

Do I need to remind you about the Titanice? No, right? That scene is one that everyone remembers like the back of their hand. Sex in cars = very steamy.


2. In a ski lift

Talk about a high on a high! Keep it to hand work though, the rest is a little complicated with a ski suit on.


3. At a pool

Alright, admitted, crossed this one off my bucket list a couple years back. It wasn’t planned, and technically it wasn’t in the pool but in the pools changing rooms. My boy and I were getting changed and well uh, it happened.


4. In the train

For the real dare devils amongst us: get on a train, find a calm place to sit, bring  news paper or a blanket to keep it all under cover. Be careful though: I’m pretty sure you’ll be fined if you get caught.


5. On the beach

Very exciting when you’re on a holiday abroad. Make it late, drink plenty of cocktails and strut down the beach with your boy to a remote location. Tip: bring a blanket incase you’re in the mood for some hanky panky.


6. In a spa

To quote one of the Amayzine girls: “I’m sure there are plenty of people who spend a day at the spa with their SO and can’t control the urge to fondle one another.”


7. In the woods

This one’s very kinky. Drive to a forrest somewhere, park the car, pretend to walk around like two ‘tourists’ only to discover a remote place in the woods to have sex in the outdoors.


8. At a party

Don’t they always do this in movies? Complete YOLO.


9. Camping in your own garden

In the summer, temps are fine to spend the night sleeping in your own garden. Bring out an air mattress and cuddle underneath the starry sky. If you want a tad bit more privacy, bring a tent.


10. In a playground in the evening

Climbing through the jungle gym, or getting it on on a seesaw.


11. For all the parents…

Incase your kids have some sort of tree hut: make use of it. Just cause you can, good for the change.

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