how to pull through the process of growing out your bangs

Max Mara, Alexa Chung and Marni are doing it too


After having had bangs for almost two years, I’m finally officially able to say I am bang-free (ha, how’s that for a funny term). Took a while to get there: but it’s gone. There were plenty of times when I just realized that as cool as they might look, they really aren’t humidity’s friend.


Well guys, there are two things I want you to know when you want to grow them out. One: it’s hell. You have to pull through it. Get in some extra vitamin B (helps your hair grow), stop smoking, eat lots of egg whites (nuts, meat and fish which also helps it grow) and spend a couple more minutes out in the sun. Two: the hell can be resolved. We’ve seen plenty of looks on the runway that are going to be easy for you to pull off to if you want to hide that in-between length. Good luck, ladies!



The curtain

Do your bangs fall straight down your face? Let them grow out a tiny bit and then have them cut into a curtain like idea. Sounds dull, but it’s very Alexa Chung worthy. I did it too to avoid going from bold bangs to a bare forehead.



Tight braids down the side of your face is very on trend. It looks like you’ve just stepped out of a boxing ring. Now I know what you’re thinking: it’s impossible to pull off with short hair. False. Make your hair wet, braid it and then fixate it with hairspray.

VLECHTEN Masha Ma bbt F15 001

Twist it

This is a look the models on the Marni, Max Mara and Chandran runways were spotted wearing. Their hair was twisted to the back, not too tightly though, to make it more playful. Use a bit of sea salt spray to add some voume (bangs included) and fixate it with bobby pins.


TWIST IT Chandran bbt F15 008


You’re used to getting attention due to your hairstyle because bangs are always eye catchers. Try placing the focus on a different area of your hair through use of an accessory. Think of the stunning gold accessories spotted on the Dolce & Gabbana runway.

ACCESSOIRE Dolce e Gabb bbt F15 005

The pompadour

Sounds very eighties, or very Suzy Menkes like, but you can pull this off. Believe me. Use some volume powder, seasalt spray and your blowdryer and lift up those bangs. Oh and don’t forget a touch of hairspray to keep it in place.

VOLUME Berardi A bbt F15 002



The wet look seems like the easiest, but it’s the hardest look to pull off. Why? Because you don’t want your hair to look as though it hasn’t been washed.

WETLOOK Acne bbt F15 012