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Items that make your home look more expensive

My house is for sale. With about ten others in my street, but still, we think ours is the prettiest and nicest on our block. And to be fair, it really is. But whether you’ve got a house for sale, or not, you want to make your house look more expensive than it is; and you can. And it doesn’t require spending thousands of euros (although you can do that too); all you need are some small accessories.

Messing figurines

Yes, anything messing is always a good idea. First of all, messing always shimmers and shines. Another thing is, any time you try to lift anything made out of the material, it’s hefty and messing always has a way of being shaped the same way really expensive things are shaped. The last bit sounds off, but nearly everything that comes with a hefty price tag, has an interesting shape. Others refer to it as art.


Old paintings always seem to do the trick. Now I’m not saying you need to hang something from the Louvre in your house, but it’s easy to find something at a jumble sale. Something with shades of pastel and a gold frame around it. And if someone asks for a name, just mention some old painter’s name. Double the impression.

Coffee table books

Open up a book to one of its more spectacular pages. Preferably anything travel or interior related. This is always a hit and in inspires people immediately.

Cloches/Bell jars

Some people would agree that these should have been dumped when you did your spring cleaning, but my house is still full of them. I love cloches (or bell jars, which ever name you choose to call them) and they have a tendency to make everything underneath seem ten times more expensive than they are.


One of my colleagues has a chandelier in her home. From messing. According to her it really ups the ante in her home. And let’s be fair: chandeliers remind us of castles and any other princess worthy homes, so they are, also, always a good idea.

Sheep skin

This doesn’t mean you have to get the IKEA variety that’ll only cost you ten euros (although those are fine if you want to place them on a chair), but go for a more luxurious, darker, longhaired sheep skin. This will be more of a hit than your IKEA fur will be.


A fresh bouquet every week. Preferably a bouquet of wild flowers and not ones you can get on any street corner vendor.

Pillows with embroidery

Not entirely comfortable to lean against while you’re sitting on your couch, but still, it’s all about your homes appearance. Want to give your living room an upgrade? Add embroided pillows.