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Day 1

They always tell you to write a diary at the end of the day. That’s when everything you’ve experienced throughout the day is still fresh. Thus far LFW, together with our shopping editor Lilian, has been a real adventure. As it should be by the way because it’s Lilian’s first Fashion Week and there’s no better way to get hazed. Let me take you through our very first day across the pond from our home country.

The wakeup call yesterday was at a very ungodly hour. Four thirty in the morning to be exact. And although I had promised myself I would make sure to be packed and ready to go, I wasn’t, and so I quickly stuffed all my fashion week worthy gear into my suitcase and made sure I looked camera ready because I knew as soon as I would get to the airport, we’d start to shooting footage of LFW right away.

Once we arrived at the airport, the rush began. Whereas I usually tend to relax in planes, that’s precisely where the fashion overload began. We went through our schedule, came up with ingenious routes to see as much of the city as we could but we realized that our schedule was more packed than we thought it was. Fashion Week is harder work than you might imagine, boys and girls.

As soon as we touched down in London-town, the busy schedule kicked off. We dropped off our bags at our hotel. Literally dropped because we had our first appointment to get to: snoop around backstage at Preen. What we hadn’t calculated was that Lilian and I aren’t the best when it comes to reading maps, so that’s when we learnt our first lesson: always think twenty minutes in advance. Every since we applied that rule, we’ve been on time everywhere.


I got to snoop around backstage at Preen last year so it was definitely a show I was looking forward to. And also the perfect start to Lilian’s first fashion week. We saw ingenious braids that looked similar to dreadlocks, flowers for makeup and a collection inspired by the world of witches. Sounds exciting yes, and it really was.


With no time to recharge, we headed straight to the Spitalfields Market in Shoreditch to pick up our tickets for Topshop. And when you say Topshop, you say a line of show ponies decked out in the coolest looks that are going to make you want to head to the store immediately. The street style outside was a complete circus and the show itself was a revival of the eighties with a dab of sex

Charlotte Olympia

Andddd straight onto the next one: Charlotte Olympia. Yep, the woman who taught us that red lipstick is an essential part of our wardrobe. Although we did spot Charlotte walking around with a nude lip. But don’t worry, she made up for it with the show.


Last stop of the day? Sketch. This one had been jotted down in our agenda for weeks and believe me, we took plenty of Instagram worthy photos. Pretty sure we could have bought three new Mulberry bags after paying our bill bit the wine was divine, we were in the perfect setting to review our week and the Instagram photos are in the pocket.

Onto day number two. But not before we catch up on some sleep. See you tomorrow!