Look of the day

Simone Olivia

Switching seasons always hits me a little hard. I hate having to say goodbye to the summer and end up being stuck with the same dilemma every morning. Bare legs? Too cold. Wool sweaters? Too hot.

On these photos you’ll see the perfect in-between seasons look. I’ve got one of my favorite basics on which happens to be the Jolie top from the brand Nikkie. It’s comfortable, you can wash it a dozen times and it’ll still look good and it’s black so it always matches whatever it is you’re wearing. I’ve combined it with my Zara chino’s and my SuperTrash blazer. This blazer is by far my best purchase ever.

As you might know, we’ve got a thing for Gucci here at the office. Hence the reason these loafers had to make their way to my closet (but then the River Island variety). And yes, the bag. A lot of love for this star studded bag from Fabienne Chapot.

And the sunglasses can stay, regardless if it’s fall or not.