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May-britt’s Berlin Diary

This trip had been jotted down in my agenda since May and throughout the entire summer I knew that at the end of my holiday’s I would have a final ‘treat’ to look forward to. One of my BFF’s during press trips is Esther Goedegebuure, editor in chief of a Dutch magazine called JAN, would also be attending so I knew all would be good in the wine, dine and chit chat department. And prior to the trip we also texted each other about going running in Berlin (we previously did this in Paris and it felt like a good tradition) but my suitcase was overflowing with clothing for the dress codes for the event.

Once we arrived at the airport we saw the rest of our travel companions because obviously there would be more than just the two of us. Lizzy van der Ligt, Sabrina Meijer from intoIT Magazine, Anna Nooshin, Grazia, Cosmopolitan and the Dutch Elle: we were all off to Berlin.

Project Lisa is what it was called just to make sure no one would accidentally spill the beans.

I have to admit that I was a Berlin virgin. When I was junior in high school I had to pick between a bike trip in the Loire or a culture trip to Berlin for school. I chose for the Loire (because that’s what all my friends chose) and to this day I regret it because a few weeks later was when the Berlin Wall came down. Anyways, I was finally there. Too short though to say whether or not I am Team Berlin. But something I did notice was how cheap the taxi’s are as well as the food and drinks. We had dinner at the Soho House (aka the coolest clubhouse on the planet) and had a modest bill that made us question whether or not it was accurate. But apparently that’s Berlin.

Anyways, I’m starting to get off track. The reason we were in Berlin was to meet the new face of Hunkemöller. Project Lisa is what it was called just to make sure no one would accidentally spill the beans. I already had my suspicions (you should know I know people who know people) and my suspicions were accurate. Doutzen Kroes is the new brand ambassador of Hunkemöller. Two Dutch brands. a match made in heaven.

After a glass of bubbly and sweets, I was able to interview Doutzen. I’ll make sure to tell you all about it a little later on. After the interview, Esther, Sanne (editor in chief of the Dutch Glamour) and I grabbed a cab to the Soho House for a bite to eat and to sip on something to drink. We discussed life and love and a little bit of work. I did have the worst nights sleep because my AC sounded like an African drum band so if anyone bumps into me today and sees the immense bags under my eyes, you now know why.