May-britt’s course in fashion

The Céline Box Bag

Episode number two of my new weekly column which I’m using to give you a crash course in fashion as well as add things to your wish list. Well, if you’re lucky to have friends, fathers, partners or bosses that own credit cards that can handle a bit of swiping.

For today I opted to go for an item that makes my heart rate dial up to extreme heights as soon as I see it. It doesn’t get much classier than this. The bag, it exudes class and, sorry, money too, because the price tag is a hefty one. It’s so pretty it should almost be illegal.

What is it?

A bag from the classic French fashion house Céline. It’s small and usually only recognized by the people with a good eye for fashion. No bold labels, just the prettiest leather and a simple clasp to close it. It fits perfectly with the motto of a chic French friend of mine who always says: ‘Money talks, style whispers’.

Who makes it?

It’s existed for a while already, but when Phoebe Philo because the creative director of Céline, she made the Box Bag hip again. The flap was extended and the clasp was changed into this oh so modest version.

What’s it going to cost ya?

A lot. A whole lot. The medium Box can be yours for 2900 euros. But hey, when you’ve got it, you’ll always get a nod of approval from everyone who works in fashion.

Who’s got it?

You’ll spot Alessandra Ambrosio and Michelle Williams walking around with one. So now I want one too. Sometime in the future. Santa, you reading this?