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Zoe Karssen in your home

There’s more than just clothing and perfume from Zoe Karssen for us to love. We’ve been hooked on the clothing for a while now. Think: pants and shirts with patches and catchy prints, texts and made out of the most comfortable materials and bathing suits. Nothing cheesy written on the shirts, nope, she’s always got texts you love. And her sweaters are ones you want to live in. And if the clothing wasn’t enough, Zoe threw a perfume out there two. So incase that sweater of your was in the wash, you could still carry around a hint of Zoe with you. And if that wasn’t enough, she decided to expand her collection even more. As you could expect from Zoe Karssen, it’s pure, but also a little unexpected: fragrance sticks. They smell like a mix of pears, freesia and white musk. In other words, it’s very fresh. Want your home to smell like Zoe, this is your new go-to buy. Be warned: it’s addictive.

125 ml, €55