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Day 2

‘Are you guys having fun?’ ‘Are you out drinking cocktails?’ Or how about this one: ‘How’s your holiday?’ These are just a few examples of the apps that I’ve been getting forms friends and colleagues. I know they mean well, but for everyone who thinks I’m in New York attached to a cocktail IV racing around the city in big black cabs, let me just steer you in the right direction of what the days here really do look like.

On Day 1 the alarm was set for 7 AM to head on over to Gigi Hadid, then right after it was time to grab my laptop and start writing. Let me tell you, the time difference from here and Amsterdam doesn’t work in my advantage.

At the same time we’re trying to send all the material we filmed for the Dutch site to our video producers in Amsterdam, which seems to take an eternity. Afterwards we headed to the Tommy show, because Pier 16 had been transformed into a runway. An uncanny spectacle which even included me giving Gigi a high five and ended with a short interview with the Dutch and Flemish beauties Vera van Erp and Ine Neefs only to head back to the hotel straight after. Have I mentioned that we had yet to have dinner? We headed to a local Chinese restaurant in our street and I was looking forward to end the day with a glass of Chardonnay on our rooftop but my body was still stuck in the Dutch time zone (so 4:30 AM) and I knew I would need to wake up a couple times at night to send WeTransfers over to Amsterdam and wake up early the following day for a backstage visit to Lacoste.

Amazing, big and vivacious? Yes. Holiday. Not exactly. See you tomorrow!

P.S.: As I am typing this I’m backstage at Tibi surrounded by the models. Comfortable: six points, but inspiring: douze. At least.