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Sometimes, on a Sunday afternoon when I’ve come up with the conclusion that my house is ugly and I need to start restyling it immediately, I find a desperate need to purchase a stack of new interior magazines. That I don’t have and I can’t get my physical hands on because there are no stores open around my neighborhood on a Sunday. Okay, so they might be where you live, and that’s great and all, but the AVERAGE person doesn’t. Although I wouldn’t describe myself as an average person. Hmm. This is where I’m getting off track. Long story short: this is when I get my hands on a digital version.

These are my five favorite digital online interior magazines.

1. The leader of the pack is the Spanish Architectural Digest. It’s creative, it’s cool, cheerful and vintage. I think they were about the first ones to use Maison Jansen palm trees and bamboo seats from the fifties. And yes, it’s a Spanish magazine. I won’t tell you I speak the language, because I don’t, but looking at the photos… What’s wrong with that?

2. I also always love the Australian Vogue Living and it makes me extremely giddy and greedy. They have this way of combining a chic atmosphere while being creative, cultural, artsy and vintage. In their latest edition they’ve got the work and careers of the glamorous designer Willy Rizzo from the seventies/eighties. The man who lives and breathes messing and gold. Okay, not literally, but you get the point.

3. Milk Decoration is a French magazine that, believe me, you want to see. There’s nothing else I can make of it. It’s very designy, incrowd and very predictive of trends.  Every edition is like a little booklet you want to save. They frequently feature cool Dutch design too. The fun thing about Milk Decoration is that they place a focus on family interiors. And that, dear readers, is what I want. It’s well thought out, cool, exciting and at the same time it’s family oriented.

4. ELLE DECORATION. And then I mean the British version (because it’s oh so fresh), the South African (because it’s oh so cultural) and the Dutch (because it’s oh so boho and on trend. Love them all.

5. Marie Claire Maison, because, well, an elegant mix of uhm, elegant and practical. Never over the top, always classy and at the same time innovative. I like it.