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Our girl in New York

What our girl Bo has been up to this past week? Check it out here!

There was wine. And even more wine. And truffle pizza. There was a creamy bur rata. Then there were cocktail. On Pizza Beach’s terrace in the Lower East Side, my soon to be hubby and I had an old fashioned date night. Just he an I, and a lot of wine in the most colorful restaurant in the Lower East. The doors are a pretty shade of aqua blue, the bathrooms are pink and inside you can hear the music of content people celebrating the beginning of the weekend. Just like we are. With pizza, wine and a lot of amore.

You can tell by the look on Blue’s face that he is all but amused. He’s not entirely sure what’s happening but I can hear him think: ‘Guys, what are we up to know? I’m getting nauseous in this car and the driver won’t be too thrilled if I make a mess of his leather seats’. Telepathically I’m trying to let him know that this trip is worth it because we’re heading to Nyack. About a 40 minute drive Upstate. Headed to a brand new hotel called The Time ready for a walk through the woods, a dive in the pool and breakfast in bed.

It’s hot out, to put it mildly. The dress I’ve got on is wonderful, but the long sleeves are hell. I find myself burning in the summer sun but that’s when the boat appears and I find myself in a line with everyone ready to board the air-conditioned boat. But then my card fails me. The guy checking my ticket nods his head back and forth and points to the boat that’s already moving. That’s the boat I was supposed to be on and I just missed it. After internally yelling at myself it only makes me realize that it’s only raising my temperature even more, so I look for some shade to help me cool off and wait for the next boat. An hour an a half later (usually it’s a 30 minute ride from door to door), I finally find myself at Maman. The place that exudes serenity, the tables float and I can go through all my unanswered emails. Heading back to the island luckily went a lot better but I still realize I need a crash course in the East River Ferry schedules. 

My expectations are high when I head to Bed Bath & Beyond. I know exactly where I need to be, I’ve been there before, but thus far without any success. But when the Dutch hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) are involved, you can’t stop me. And so I fill up my basket with as many cases as I can find, plus some other candy I can never refuse. Bed Bath & Beyond sells that small part of the Netherlands that I always miss. And now I know I never want to leave New York… So to celebrate, I treat myself to a fresh bouquet of flowers.