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Our girl in New York

What our girl Bo has been up to this past week? Check it out here!

Right around the corner of this pink house on Hudson Street, The Butcher’s Daughter opened their second location which is where my friend C and I met up. Wine was the plan, and on the menu. Added to the bill was the avocado dip, the vegan pasta and gin-tonics. The Butcher’s Daughter was to blame. We had front row seats, got some drinks on the house and ended up dancing to disco music at Acme. Yes. This is summer in New York. Or: I can never stick to just one glass of wine…

I have the idea that it’s always a coincidence that we end up at Farmers Market in the weekend. But that’s where you can always find us. Same store this weekend. My future hubby and I wander around: but I’m mostly on the hunt for flower stalls, although I never buy anything. But the temperature is high, so the flowers are looking dreary, as are we. Time to look for an AC, because my god, it’s hot out. So I would recommend anyone who’s heading over this way: never come in the midst of summer unless you’ve got no shame and don’t mind walking around in a bikini.

Bushwick in Brooklyn always has Tiki Disco every Sunday. So that’s where I headed. It’s outdoors, there’s punch, free sunglasses and disco tunes.

Although I did head home on time because we had movie night planned. Long trousers, long sleeves and a scarf a.k.a mini blanket in my bag. It’s freezing at the theater, add an XL sizes soda with ice cubes in the mix, and I feel like I’ve just escaped summer and am caught in the winter. Hence the reason I pulled on a AC approved outfit.

This is Blue during monthly spa treatments at home. He hates it. But as a present (besides being extremely soft and fluffy), he gets to sleep in bed with us tonight.

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