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Our Girl in New York


Pizza and Pinot at Pizza Beach, hanging out at the Bow Bridge and taking Blue to NYFW. These are a couple more left over snaps from my Amayzine post from last week. What I’ve got in store for you from this past week? When I wasn’t hanging out taking care of all my laundry, I’m either doing groceries or getting things ready for Blue for the next two weeks that we’re gone. or you can find me on the Stairmaster working on my ‘bikini booty’, or I’m on Pinterest in one of my dozens of mood boards for my wedding. As always, everything is very last minute and in just a few short days my future hubby and I will be wondering around Italy. For those of you who don’t know yet: in nine months we’ll be saying our ‘I do’s’ in the land of amore. Three days long. And this weekend we’re flying to the location where we’ve got a ton of meetings from the florist to the person making our wedding cake and from the men taking care of all the lighting to everyone taking care of setting up the decor. All of this is a lot of fun, but also very stressful. Especially for people like me who’ve got a multitude of questions. What do we want? We want a fairy tale. We want dozens of flowers. We want candles. We want letter balloons. We want pink lighting to light up the castle and turn it into a disco ball of the party. What color do we want for the table linen? Do we even want table linen? What’s the name of those flowers I love? Do we want a wall covered in roses or is that a bit too much? Where do we want to put our tent? How are we going to set up the rooms? At what time does the sun set in May? Why are we actually even doing this? So bit. It’s a lot. Is it too much? I’m going crazy. Am I going crazy? Yes, I’m going crazy. I still need to pack my suitcase. Holy hell, this is madness.


Luckily I’m able to relax at my mom’s place before our ‘wedding moon’ and that thought alone is soothing. A week of doing absolutely nothing but relaxing. And knowing this, my suitcase slowly began to fill up. With Blue watching it all happen. He looks terrified as he spots my grey suitcase because he knows no good can come of it. Out of protest he sits on my clothes and even pulls a pair of my pants out of the suitcase. Blue doesn’t want me to leave, but I tell him I’ll be back. Pretty sure he heard me…



Right before I take my 23 kilos worth of stuff on wheels out the door, our doorman calls. There’s a delivery for me. An internal dance follows because I know what he’s got waiting for me: my first present from Vogue US. That’s who I was with last week when I got a blow-dry during fashion week. They had used a super sonic blowdryer from Dyson, and to thank me for posting about it on Instagram, they gifted me one.



When I’m at my moms place, she always makes me breakfast in bed. I usually tend to skip breakfast but I never refuse a kiwi and cappuccino. An hour later I find myself snacking on a vanilla muffin. Followed by chocolate sprinkles. And then comes a bunch of other things I love back home.



I find myself in the waiting room with sweaty palms. It’s been three years since I was here last. I never go when I’m in New York. But then again my mom isn’t in the city with me. And my moms all about good teeth. Every year she sends me a new electric toothbrush and always asks how well I take care of my dentals. And now that I’m in the Netherlands for a couple days she decided to book an appointment at the dentist for me. Good news. Zero cavities! Time to celebrate with some coffee. Or two since I’m still feeling the jet lag…





Amsterdam is so beautiful. I wander around the city and realize how much I love it here. I meet up with friends at the Sea Food Bar and a day later my mom and I check out the Rijksmuseum and romantic canals. Then we headed on over to a magic show in Carré. The show was insane! It was a little long but all in all it was magical.



Alright. I’ve had plenty of food. Plenty of sleep. Completely recharged. Time to board my plane to Italy with my book work of moodboards. You can tag along on our wedding moon on Instagram, who knows, I might share a couple of photos of the location which is still actually top secret for all our guests…