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Our Girl in New York

What our girl Bo has been up to this past week? Check it out here!

On the agenda was a lunch date with Noor. We met last year when she took home the Best Lifestyle Blog Award at Bloglovin’ in New York. Then we became Instagram friends (and like all of each others photos) and then we finally met up again in real life. Which was now. I was completely bewildered from the heat, and she was absolutely stunning with her entire family. Baby Olivia took a nap in the sun, I’m drinking wine, daddy Sander is having what they call a ‘papa cocktail’ and Noor is drinking a decaf coffee. And all of us (besides baby Ollie) love the Stander Lower East Burger. It was a lot of fun and on my way back home I realized that ‘clicking’ online also means ‘clicking’ offline. Crazy how the world works. But it’s definitely fun. And understandably, this pink house made our blogger hearts melt.

Before having lunch in the Lower East I was hanging out with DASH’s Dolls in Soho. DASH is the store owned by the Kardashian sisters and although I was a huge fan of the family, I had never been to DASH until now. There was breakfast, there were bikini’s with killer discounts and the founders of Pin & Tucker were there to tell us all about social media and shopping. I listened intently, commented every now and then, made eye contact with a bathing suit (we can never have enough swimwear, right?) and held close watch of the mysterious looking door. I mean, you never know if one of the Kardashian sisters including their entire reality show crew suddenly walk in, right?! The morning passed and still no sign of Kardashian’s in the wild. I did walk out with Pin & Tucker enthusiasm, presents and that new bathing suit…

While dragging along my laptop after having worked in Soho for a day, I came across a bike. So hereby if anyone is already in the process of thinking of what to get me for my birthday: I know what, and I know it’s early because my birthday is in October, but just incase you’re already busy planning it, I want you to know that I really miss my bike. Although I don’t necessarily want this one, but more one along the lines of one with a basket in the front for Blue to sit in. Great idea, don’t you think?

I was waiting for my friend N. at the ferry. And there she is, with her five week old baby James looking pretty as ever. We headed to Greepoint, because its nice and serene there and we can spend hours talking about the baby, giving birth and the wedding. Everything is completely zen here at Maman, where the tables are swings and the coffee is divine.

My new cat eye sunglasses are from Karen Walker. My future hubby had to take a lot of photos while we were having breakfast at Bluestone Lane, because it was a gift from DITTO. Well, actually it’s borrowed because that’s how it works at DITTO. You pay a monthly fee of 24 dollars and you get to pick from a beautiful collection (from Miu Miu to Dior and Ray-Ban) of glasses which you borrow and then exchange for a different pair whenever you want. A great concept that I am gladly taking part in. After 430 attemptes, I finally got a good snapshot. And then we can enjoy the rest of our breakfast outside in one of the best places in Greenwich.

Ever since I came back from my holiday in France, I spent at least one month nowhere close to a gym, and my buddy Darcy is not amused. I’m no longer allowed to cancel a workout, and ever since, he has been drilling me at least twice a week in the park. I’m always fully drenched in sweat, and he’s the ultimate king of drilling. See these photos as proof. I’m currently no longer capable of bending since I’m so sore but hey, anyone who wants to look good has to… exactly. Go through hell.

Blue hates all the brushing, blowing and tweaking of his fur. But he goes through with it every month, because he knows he can’t avoid it. Look at our beautiful prince of fluff…

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