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our girl in new york

What our girl Bo has been up to this past week? Check it out here!

While I’ve of laundry hanging out throughout our entire New York apartment, I walk around Manhattan with a big smile. Blue is thrilled to have me back home, as am I. The jet lag thus far has been decent. I call it the ‘granny-jet’ because I keep going to bed around 8:30 PM and wake up around 6 AM.

As high as my energy levels are in the early morning, as soon as the clock hits about 11 AM, I can feel those energy levels drop. Because my god, it’s hot in this city. You can literally see the heat steam from the asphalt. Manhattan is burning, and I’m in a cab without an AC trying to snap a photo of the heat on Snapchat. Blue’s struggling too, but luckily there’s a water fountain for him to play in.

Put on a summer dress and headed to the pool at Mr. Purple. I arrived, took off my dress and spent the entire day hanging out in the pool. At five I made sure to order a drink (and a burger) and it was the start to a great weekend.

On Saturday it was time to head on over to Governors Island. My future hubby’s office was throwing a summer fest. It was the hottest day in July (think almost 40 degrees celsius) and I was drinking an ice-cold punch on the island Manhattan.

Cake for Blue and for us! My future hubby is celebrating another year around the globe and I came across a photo which dates back to 2012. Look at this photo, where were my eyebrows?

As a birthday present, I took Teun along to TriBeCa which is where you’ll find Aire Ancient Baths, a wonderful spa. We floated on salt water, dipped in hot and cold pools, hung out in sauna’s, sipped on fresh juices. Oh and to top it off, we ended it with an hour long massage. Exactly what a Sunday should be like.

Okay, after burgers, glasses of rosé, steak tartare and a desert, the holiday vibe is over. It’s time for me to head back to the gym and start lifting weights. I made sure to call Darcy from Skillful Touch to let him know I’m back in the country, and to celebrate my new healthy kick start, I treated myself to some new workout clothes.

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