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our girl in new york

What our girl Bo has been up to in New York? Check it out here!

A juice chez my friends at Joe. On my way there I passed by this sea of colored roses and evidently I couldn’t not take a photo. And then that beautiful row of houses somewhere between the 5th and 6th and 12th street. The tropical temperatures are in full swing, but the regular humidity in New York is luckily hard to find and the city is in some sort of zen mode.

And with all that zen I was able to focus on my project “The world needs to see how good looking Blue is.” I collected some photos out of the archives and edit music to sweet videos of my fur baby. I’m starting to enjoy this more than my own online account… Blue’s completely fine with it too, although wearing a shirt wasn’t really something he enjoyed.

Coffee at La Pecora Bianca, one of the nicer places in the city in walking distance from our home. They used to always use goats milk for their cappuccino, but luckily they started using regular milk too. And ever since, they can add us to the list of regulars.

Another one in the category ‘regular’, we’ve got: Claudete. That’s where I met a new Dutchie, a newbie in New York who isn’t planning on leaving the city any time soon. She’s been living here for a week and we decided to go out and grab some coffee which ended up in a glass of wine. The consequences of tropical temperatures…

Oh oh, it’s so beautiful up on The Nomad Hotel roof terrace. This is the place where I met Aerin Lauder about her newest perfume. A scent which is inspired by Marocco, it’s powerful and it’s going to be launched in October. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to it!

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