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We sipped on our take away cappuccino’s from Toby’s Estate about two minutes away from where we live. As we were sipping on our coffee’s, Blue sipped water which he had gotten from Toby. We also headed on over to a hidden book store filled with bouquets of fresh flowers. Then we dropped by CHLOE for some avocado toast. Everything right around the corner from our place. We live next to the Flatiron, but it won’t be for too long. We’re looking for something new. Something bigger. Something more Lower East Side. Something more New York grunge vibe. Something lofty with a lot of light and old elements. But when Blue and I wander around our neighborhood I’m starting to question if I really want to leave this place.

We’ve got an apartment viewing. We dropped by Nolita first for some fries and steak tartar. Then we headed to the Lower East Side. The scenery changed. This is where it’s all happening. The arty fartyness exudes in this part of town. Unfortunately the apartment was too small. Long live the skills of photographers because they managed to make it look bunch bigger than it actually was on the photos. The roof terrace though. Check out the view…

Not that we have anything to complain about with our current roof terrace. In the weekends I like to plant myself up there for about four hours around the end of the day. Golden hour is always the best time of the day. Especially in my favorite bathing suit. This one was another gift from my favorite The Outnet. How sweet are they?

Oh, and that restaurant in Nolita has stools as if they’ve been plucked out of Paris. It’s called Jacques 1534 and it’s extremely cosy.

We never skip brunch in the weekends. And on Sunday I headed out for lunch with Rebecca Laurey. You might know her, the wonderful blogger from Amsterdam. We met up at Cafe Clover and drank macchiato’s and snacked on a bunch of their dishes from their brunch menu.

We attended a party at an insane apartment in the city. The sun was setting, the DJ was on his decks and I was snap chatting away… Check out the view!

Stripes and flowers. I will always have a weakness for these two prints. Daisies and these off shoulder stripes are my current favorite. Stripes and flowers, flowers and stripes. I can never get enough.

Project love! Okay, so now is when the nerves start kicking in. 11 months left and I’ll be wearing my white gown in Italy surrounded by our loved ones who we still need to send our official invites to. Breathe in, breathe out…

Teun (my future hubby) keeps telling me not to stress out. Everything will be fine. And if not, then so be it. Simple, but true. He orders a pizza (the biggest one you can think of). We open up a bottle of red. My blood pressure finally starts to go down and I realize that there’s only one thing that matters on our official day: he and I. Bye stress. All I need is the love I have for my guy. Because that’s the one thing I don’t have to organize and arrange. We’ve been loving each other for years. And besides, how good looking are we? Brace and glasses and all.

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