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our girl in new york

Want to know what our girl Bo has been up to this past week? Check it out here.

As I stroll past my favorite flower shop I suddenly find myself walking into Barneys. With the motto: ‘you can look, but you can’t buy anything’ I dream about all the things I would love to add to my wish list in their new location in Chelsea. The futuristic vibe of the place is a pretty picture and I refuse to look at the price tags. Let’s just keep the dream alive. The white at Barneys is inspiring, so when I get home I put on my new white coat. Crispy white as they like to refer to it here.

Coffee at Morandi’s and another weekend filled with toasts. After my two friends left last week, I already had a new visitor lined up ready for a visit. With 500 kilos worth of baggage but who cares, she’s finally here: yesssss, my friend M is in New York! And we pretty much do the same as I had done the weekend before. Although we did try out a new ‘it-spot’: VANDAL. A restaurant and hip club in one which you enter through a flower store… Isn’t that the kind of mystery we all like.

Posing and flowers. Yes. The obsession is still there. Let’s be honest, the stairs are a dream, right? You can find them in the West Village.

On Monday and with the highest slit, I raced to SoHO. Paintbox and Julie Vos have teamed up and organized a breakfast party. As soon as we arrived we got treated to freshly polished nails and jewelry. There are worse ways to start the week.

The sun sets and a string ensemble finds its way to the roof terrace. The building we live in organizes events a few times a month for the people who live here. Sometimes we’ll have wine tastings, other times we’ll have breakfast with pancakes and today they organized a barbecue. To say I’m a happy person would be an understatement as I listen to “Wonderful World” and take bite from my burger.

My friends at The Outnet sent me another present! After a bunch of clothes, they thought it was time for shoes. Yesssss, you guys are my besties, The Outnet.

A hat and a striped towel. The only things I’ll be needing this weekend because we’re heading to The Hamptons! Oh, and a bikini too of course. But I’ll show you all of that next week. Have a  great week!

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