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Packed and ready with five sets of sandals, bikini’s and an overdose of summer dresses, we head into the car after four (!). The ride should take half the amount of time. But right after Memorial Weekend, the season has officially been opened and all of New York flees to Long Island. Most of them with The Hamptons as their destination. Like ours. So there we were. Stuck in traffic. During the extremely long drive I decided we’re never going to do that again. I mean, how fun can those Hamptons really be? But after spending a weekend in this eastern famous town, I get it. This place is divine. When can I head back?

Wölffer Estate! This vineyard is one you can’t skip. We headed there around sunset which resulted with a view of fields in bloom combined with an acoustic country band playing in the background and children running around playing. This place is beautiful and the wine we ordered was a hit. This is, as the name of the wine already indicates, ‘Summer in a Bottle’.

Nooooo, we’re heading back! Blue still tries to enjoy it as much as he can. The fur ball is so content here and as I reluctantly pack our bags. But the aversion of returning back to all the noise and hysteria disappears as soon as we spot the city in the horizon. Home is not the Hamptons, but it is a nice getaway.

Everyone knows Ladurée macaroons, and hanging out in their garden in SoHo amongst all the offices is a wonderful place to be. Although, as I sit there, all I see are tourists. So I think by now the gardens and macaroons are on the same level of popularity. But hey, it’s still a present, right in the middle of SoHo.

We shot an endless amount of looks for my blog, I hang out at the pool at the Dream Hotel, consume a beet salad and before the sun sets my friend Q and I drop by Via Carota. Yes, it was a good day.

As we’re still in the midst of the summer atmosphere, UNIQLO is already getting prepped for the fall. Although, I’m not entirely sure what to think of it, but I decide to drop by anyway to try on their new collection. I arrive at a gigantic loft and as I walk in, I have to admit that all these wool cardigans are making me excited for the fall. Yes, this collection is going to be a hit and this bomber jacket is on the top of my list.

Happy Birthday, Blue! Our teddy bear turned 1! We celebrated his birthday with presents, cake and Filet Mignon. Hip hip hooray!

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