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our girl in new york

Want to know what our girl Bo has been up to this past week in the city? Check it out here!

After having stuffed myself with ginger in all sorts (from pills to juices to raw pieces) I’m back to my old self again. By now I’ve become an expert in the field of ‘how to stop a cold creeping up on you’ department. And out of experience, this Ginger Fireball drink is a winner. Chug it down and wash it away with water, add a good nights sleep in the mix and you’ll be fine the following morning. So, hello New York! I’m back out of my bed and promise I’ll stop complaining amongst all your greatness. 

Time to drink wine again! Rosé with bubbles on the terrace in the Lower East. This is my friend S’ ‘hangout’ and I have to say, I’m diggin’ it. The Lower East (L.E.S. for the locals) is great. We’re hanging out at Dudley’s and this mini fur ball is my neighbor.

My first summer pool party is now a fact. Together with my besties from The Outnet, Who What Wear and bikini guru Melissa Odabash we celebrated the summer, drank wine, got our hair braided at the braid bar and of course we checked out Melissa’s new collection.

And yes, when there’s a swan I have to get on it. No hesitations.

Project white dress! My wedding is getting closer. I mean: I still have ten months to go, but it still feels like just yesterday that we were still in our twenties. Time flies, my nerves are starting to build, but luckily I’ve got Lotte. She leads, I follow. Project white dress. It’s almost there…

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