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our girl in new york

What our girl Bo has been up to in New York this past week? Check it out here!

We used to tear through the city on our scooters on our way to hockey practice. We would wear the same thing every morning to school. Some might have called us goody two shoes. Once we juniors in high school, we never went to school on Friday mornings because we would always go out on Thursday nights. Secretly. And we would usually go to the most awful club in Rotterdam where they would have foam parties and a dance floor that would spin. Or we would go to a bar where the price of drinks was based on supply and demand. But anywhere we went, we were together. Always. And now we’re in New York. Together. Like it’s supposed to be. One lives in Brussels, the other in San Fran. But that’s okay because it’s like we never even left each others side.

Before my friends ‘forever’ arrived and my fiancé headed to Aruba, I decide to drop by Whitney’s, the sweetest hair dresses in New York. I gave her a call and an hour later I’m sitting in front of her at Sally Hershberger. I need it chopped. After years of long hair it’s time for something new. No sooner said than done.

But okay, back to my posse. The weekend was grande. One gigantic party. From champagne breakfasts to dancing on the tables at Paul’s Baby Grand. The club was filled with arty people which resulted in a lot of cool looks. Taking photos is prohibited (secretly taking them in the bathroom are too, but I still succeeded). Promoters and the girls walking around with drinks are never there. And all of this combined makes this the best club in the city, where you can stay until the early hours of dawn dancing around the disco ball. As we did…

Sadelle’s, the ultimate brunch spot du moment. Packed and long lines waiting to get in outside the door. But waiting is worth it. In the meantime, I spotted an old granny bike. With flowers! Hopefully I’ll own one of these someday. And instead of flowers, I’ll have Blue in the cart in the front.

Simply put: this place is divine.

Snacking on fries at The Standard Grill. Catching rays on the roof. Then shopping. Mani’s and pedi’s. Stomach aches from all the laughing. I could write a book about it. This weekend was the best one yet. It’s always better when we’re together. And every time I think there’s no way we’ll surpass the other. But never say never…

And then suddenly the house is empty. Shoes are no longer scattered around on my floor. There are no more overpacked suitcases. No hair curlers that are left out to cool down. This is always the hard part. But I don’t have too much time to wallow because my pile of work keeps getting higher. So I opened up my laptop and started working on some collaborations on Sea of Bees. One with CVRD and their amazing blazer. And one with The Outnet and these striped dresses. It’ll be online soon…

This is Darcy from Skillful Touch.  And he’s going to help me do it. We anxiously arrived at his gym. But luckily he started off checking the state that we’re in. Or better put: everything that’s wrong… Next week is the real deal, when it all starts. That’s why you can still see me smiling on this photo. In seven days I’ll be back from my second training during while I’ll probably be incapable of smiling like this again. To be continued.

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