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From the moment I grabbed my suitcases out of storage, Blue’s face turned into a frown. He doesn’t know exactly what’s happening, but all he knows is that our brown cases means something is up. Especially when they are completely filled with clothing. Out of protest, he blocked our front door. My heart breaks. I try to tell him that I promise I’ll be back, but his face is face seems to be stuck in a sad mode. Even cookies won’t get him to whisk his tail. I let out a sigh, pet his curly head again but I know I’m leaving him in good hands. He’s staying with my blonde headed love. And I? I’m off to the celebrate the summer in the south of France with my dear friends.

With an eight hour flight ahead, skimming through gossip magazines at JFK and a hamburger at Shake Shack, I’m headed to Nice. I get picked up in a car and head directly to the area we’re staying at with little pink houses. I jump in the shower, put on my bikini and set foot onto a boat with my friends to sail by the French coast. And to be honest, it’s all worth it.

My god, I love this place. The first bottle of wine is a fact and they are followed by many others. We hang out on the water until the sun sets before we head back home. All while the sky is a light shade of pink.

Good morning! Waking up with a cup of coffee on my pink balcony with a view of ocean. And the fact that I only spent a couple of hours sleeping due to my jet lag wasn’t too ugh of a drag because taking naps on the back of a boat is the best thing in the world.

La Guerite! This hidden gem can only be reached by boat. Sounds chic, and it is, but as soon as everyone’s got their first course (wine included), the place turns into huge beach event. Wine is being replaced by strawberry vodka shots and even the older generation hanging out here start partying!

The art of doing nothing…

On the agenda today: Saint-Tropez. About an hour away by boat, we hang out on the back deck, jazz music blaring through the speakers and Captain Dex steering the boat.

A pitstop in the old city in Saint Tropez.  We have a quick walk through the area. Take snapshots of the garden in front of Dior and head back out again. We’re not here to admire this place (done it plenty of times before) because there’s a lunch and party waiting for us somewhere by the beach…

And the party was insane. First we grabbed some lunch and enjoyed the view. Nikki Beach is filled with the most extravagant types of people. Plumped up lips and breasts. These are the people that will easily spend a couple hundred euro’s on bottles of champagne. And after lunch, these are the people we found ourselves hanging out with. We might not have the plumped up lips and breasts, but we definitely had some glasses of champagne.

Once the sun started to set, and we took dozens of photos of the cotton candy colored sky, we headed back home.

Belles Rives! Our final lunch destination. Although ‘final’ sounds so dramatic, but honestly, that’s how it feels. Obviously I can’t wait to head back home…but I wouldn’t mind if this holiday lasted a little bit longer. By the way, this place, Belles Rives, is definitely a recommendation.

Time to bid farewell to my dearest friends. I spent the entire trip laughing (and occasionally tripping from all the rosé, denting a car and working on a world record of wine and food intake) with my two friends. Oh, and we took a record number of photos. My iPhoto say’s I’ve got 4000+ photos in my ‘La Douce France 2016’ folder… 

On y va!

Hello New York! After spending two days of I-don’t-want-to-check-my-mail, I head on over to Joe & the Juice to answer my inbox and collect all these photos for you guys. See you next week!

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