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The sun was out last Saturday. I’m purposely writing this in the past perfect tense. Because ever since, it’s decided to hibernate and the sky has been grey and it’s been drizzling non stop. But to avoid continuing along in a D minor, I’d like to get back to that Saturday, When I was walking through the streets on my sandals in my fiancé’s vintage Giants jacket. We were on our way to brunch with friends. Outside, when the sun was still out. I ordered a fruit salad to stay in line with my ‘healthy week’. I labeled my wine as a grape juice today, so I wouldn’t have to miss out. At Morandi, in the sun. It was great.

On our way back home we dropped by my secret book store. To get there, you have to go through Toby’s Estate on 5th Av. (where I once drank my very first cappuccino when we had just moved to the city), and then you’ll bump into my favorite book store in New York. On a day that I was still able to walk around in my sandals.

It stopped raining. For a little while. I quickly shut my laptop at my favorite place to work close to Soho and decided to walk home. But not without a pit stop at The Reformation, the super cool and super sustainable brand known for their flowey dresses with high splits, idyllic prints and texts like this one in front of their door. 

May is usually the month to be here in the city. Not too hot, not too cold, no rain and some spring rays of sunlight. The city smells like cherry blossom trees and fresh leaves. But there’s no trace of it now.. Oh well, hopefully it’ll get better soon. Even without all the usual spring weather, New York is still a sight for sore eyes.

It’s still raining. Time to go back inside. As the rain keeps ticking against my window, I continue writing about my newest purchases. Including this new top from ADAY. I never really invest in workout clothes. I did however, get my hands on some new yoga pants since my old ones from Victoria’s Secret were completely frayed after wearing them for two years. But after seeing the collection here, it opened up my eyes to sports wear. This top is so comfortable and so pretty. Works well as a bra too. It doesn’t leave any marks, it doesn’t cut into your blood circulation, it’s super light, dries up quickly and keeps everything together, The Don’t Stop Top from ADAY.

At exactly a quarter to ten I arrived at the place where it would all be happening today. My friend L is in the front of the line already. We patiently wait and end up being the second and third of the entire pack of people to head inside. The racks are stuffed with clothes. Skirts, dresses, pants and jackets. In the back of the venue you’ll find all the bags and all the accessories are in the front. A huge mess of a lot of ugly things and wrong sizes, but if you take the time to go through it, you’ll find those pearls. Two hours later, we head out the door. I’ve got one bag full, she’s got two. Yet another great sample sale by Sandro and Maje. It feels as though we earned money. Which we obviously didn’t, but it feels that way anyway. This is (besides being the month of rain) also the month of sample sales. You can find it all on by the way. 

Okay, time for a quick something else. They might not look too appealing, but believe me, they are. The pop-up food market at Madison Park is back! And these little balls, their divine. I don’t remember the name of the place I got them anymore, but if you wander around, you’ll bump into it eventually. So, incase the rain decides to bother someone else for a while, this is your place to be with a view of the Flatiron…

And now we wait. For the spring. Where these kinds of cars will once again take over the street style of the city and I can walk around in my sandals again…

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