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On Tuesday morning I’m still in my chill mode. Cup of coffee, fresh out of my bath with my towel wrapped around my head, Yes, the definition of rest and relaxation. I open up my mailbox.

Something I do every day. The past few days have been very calm. A little restless. And not without reason. My phone started to vibrate. Explode almost and poof, 100 or so e-mails appeared that I had missed. Oh now. Here we go again. My eyes land on six (!) mails from The Outnet with a lot of question marks and the location where I am expected to be. In exactly 20 minutes. I run through my house like a madman. Bye towel. Mascara on. Shoes on. Into the cab. And yes, I was on time. With a really high heart rate, but I was there. I had a wonderful breakfast with the women from The Outnet and designer Adam Lippens who just launched a new super cool label.

I need new passport photos. USA style. To be honest, I’m not looking forward to it. I’ve never had decent passport photos. But I found a little place in uptown which is a flower shop and photography place in one. Obviously I had to go here. And guess what? Mission accomplished, my first decent passport photo. To celebrate, I walk by Godiva for chocolate covered strawberries. And I dropped by Cartier to looks around for about half an hour.

Blue and I stroll through the West Village. We hear the birds chirping  and all is back to basics. The small steps are so cute. We make a pitstop for coffee at Sant Ambroeus. When we get home I give him my hair tie. And the suddenly Blue turns into a girl. Look how cute.

Checking my mail on the 74th floor isn’t a crime. Neither is this mask. It’s a success. Even for someone like me with sensitive skin. The shine is back (even when it’s gloomy out) and even my future hubby thinks my skin is the softest it’s ever been.

Weekend! And that can only mean one thing: brunch. This weekend we went to one of the prettiest place in New York: The Nomad Hotel. Although I would recommend this place more in the winter with all it’s beautiful rich and deep dark colors. I would also recommend the veggie burgers and carrot cake. Seriously, the very best veggie burgers you can get your hands on in this town. And I’m not even a vegetarian.

Strolling through SoHo after spending a day typing and being inspired to be like a pineapple.

In the morning it’s dull and grey and time to put my winter coat back on. A few hours later I tread the streets with bare legs. Yes, that’s New York in the spring for ya.

Exactly 365 days ago. And almost exactly 365 to go before I get to wear my white gown. I can’t wait. But luckily time always flies by.

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