Sexy Friday



It might be the biggest sex mystery: the hidden pleasure point known as the G-spot. Named after the German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg. Nobody know exactly what it is, but pornstars? Somehow they manage to be able to come four times in a row. Typical.


The magical place that has every woman reaching a climax (vaginally, not through use of the clitoris) might be the best way to describe the G-spot. Dozens of researches have been devoted to this spot, books have been written about and it looks like they’ve finally come to an overall conclusion: this ‘spot’ that’s supposed to make a female orgasm stronger, does not exist.

‘But people, this is the reason we reach a peak, not the G-spot’


Instead of a G-spot, there are claims that there is another key to vaginal orgasms. Call it a ‘collaboration’ between the clitoris, urethra and vagina wall. There are certain spots that are more sensitive because of the blood supply and nerves which cause the firework. They’ve given it an extremely confusing name (clitourethrovaginal, also known as the CUV-complex), but people, this is the reason we reach a peak, not the G-spot.


Long story short: we can all stop looking for the G-spot. Sounds clear. But now it’s time to figure out wheredafuck the CUV-complex is. Sex. It’s complicated.