Sexy Friday

let’s talk about that warm weather

(that’s making us all feel a little more rowdy…)


It’s evident in everything. And I know you’ve noticed it too. When it’s hot out, you just happen to be horny way more often. Call it a horny heatwave. Couples find themselves behaving like Duracell bunnies in their holiday hotel rooms. Why though? Researcher Kiki to the sex research rescue.


It’s been scientifically proven that we have more sex in the summer than we do in any other season. But the reason why has yet to be a topic for a study. But curious as I am, I want answers. Stat. I randomly rust read the following sentence on a random forum: ‘You wear less clothes, which leads the other person on’. Okay okay, fair, but also way too evident. Is there seriously no answer to uh, satisfy us? I just typed this in in Google: ‘In the mood for more sex during warmer weather’. I look around me to make sure no one passes by my desk because before you know it, I’ll be stuck with the nickname Kiki Durex.


The ‘but it’s for work’ excuse isn’t going to work anymore after I spent twenty minutes watching colossal dildo’s and vibrator’s in a video. Here is the proof that it was for work though. Ha!



Anyways, after a thorough amount of research I was able to make the following list. The horny heatwave is a combination of different factors:


–       We spend more time outdoors and since that means spending more time in the open air, there’s more social contact and contact simply put, leads to sex.

–       Sunlight gives us endorphins so we’re not only happier, we’re more energetic too. And happy people just tend to do the dirty deed quicker.

–       The fact that heat effects you all started when you were still a baby in your mothers belly. Warmth gives you the feeling of security and protection.

–       And okay this one was a given: seeing more bare body parts definitely arouses people.

–       When it’s hot out, you sweat more. And in these bodily fluids you’ll find pheromones. These are attractive to the people of the opposite sex (or same) and unconsciously make you feel more attracted to someone.

–       Last fun fact: more sex in the summer month doesn’t lead to more offspring. And according to research that’s all due to the quality of semen in the hot summer months.