Sexy Friday

bored in the bedroom? here’s how to spice it back up


When you first started dating, the two of you were like two wild bunnies on the loose and always on the hunt for the most exciting places and toys. It was absolutely no problemo to hop in the sack whenever and wherever, but now, a couple years later and your love life can use some spicing up. Sound familiar?


Then this is your 7 step plan to follow:


Step 1: Better your communication

I can be very brief about this: talk about what you enjoy, what you don’t mind never doing again and what turns you on. If you don’t talk about it, you can say bye bye to fireworks.


Step 2: No, you’re not always ‘busy, busy, busy’

A demanding job, a busy social life, possibly even kids… A lot of couples hardly have any time left for themselves. So it’s not entirely crazy that your sex life has dropped a couple of notches. Want to work on it? That means planning in more time to be together.


Step 3: Make sure you’re better in bed

Always pointing your finger at your partner? Is he/she boring? Perhaps your libido isn’t what it used to be, my friend. Take some more time during foreplay, tease each other and make a list of exciting ideas that you’d like to try in the bedroom (or outside of it).


Step 4: Be engulfed in energy for sex

Energy is fuel for a fruitful and successful relationship. Always apathetic? It’s time to discover what you’re wasting your energy on. go workout more, eat healthier and I bet that you’ll automatically start being in the mood for more sex.


Step 5: Dish out the compliments

And to be more specific, compliments you normally don’t give. Reward your partner with a couple of pretty sentences, even if he or she is lazy in bed. When you encourage people, they get more confidence.


Step 6: Time to dump your routine sex life

Trying shaking things up a little. Longer foreplay, try out new positions, buy a sex toy together, surprise your partner when he or she comes home after work by laying out on the couch naked. DO SOMETHING.


Step 7: Ask the other about his or her fantasies

Wouldn’t we be living in an ideal world if your partner always directly knew what your naughtiest dreams were? How about you ask your partner what excites them. Who knows, perhaps they’ve thought of things you would have never come up with.  Happy humping!