union soup

‘Simone, will your mom be making her union soup’ This was a standard question my friends would always ask me when I’d invite them over for a girls night at my place. And everyone still does, so during every family gathering, we always know what we’ll find on her stove. This union soup is the best when you let it simmer on the fire for the entire afternoon.

For a decent amount of company:

1 kilo of unions

3 garlic cloves

0.75 liters of vegetable broth

fresh thyme

salt and pepper

grated cheese

bread (baguette)

Slice the unions into rings and then slice those into two. Heat up a pan and add a chunk of butter and let it melt. Bake the unions until they turn a light shade of golden brown. Add the garlic and a bit of salt and pepper. Take off the sprigs of the thyme, but also keep a couple of whole ones. Add them and the broth to the pan of unions and let it rest for at least three hours. Then pour the soup into a bowl, add some slices of bread on top and the grated cheese. Place this bowl into the oven (grill mode) and take it out once the cheese has melted and turned a darker brownish color.

All credits to you, mom.