It’s September 28th which means your boss just transferred your much deserved paycheck over to your bank account. Hello payday. And since money is meant to be spent but you’re stuck at the office, you’ve got a problem. But I have a solution.

Online shopping. With our friends at Omoda. Their winter collection is in and I’ve made a selection of all the things I would buy if I were you. Biker boots from Tommy Hilfiger is always a good ida, and Sendra’s are great for in the weekend or for that one party you have the option of going for Omoda pumps or Guess ankle boots. Whichever one you prefer.

The grey Ted Baker bag suits all looks and why not top your look off with some nice jewelry? All I’ve got left to say is: happy shopping. I’m sure your boss won’t mind. He or she would rather look at a well dressed employee anyway.

Tommy Hilfiger biker boots

Omoda pumps

Guess ankle boots

Sendra boots

Ted Baker bag

Ring fromMy Jewellery

In collaborations with Omoda.