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Look, I might enjoy the occasional scroll through two million dollar homes online. Not that I can afford it, but it’s always fun to take a peek at the homes of our (far away) neighbors. Money clearly doesn’t always mean taste, but it is highly addictive to see what you are capable of doing when you have it.

That hobby of mine is child splay compared to this site from the Californian real estate agent Mauricio Umansky (you might know him from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). Three million dollar homes? Oh no not here, don’t be surprised if another zero is involved.

In the category ‘let’s do something useful with the hours I wasted surfing the webs looking at homes’ and ‘how to make it fun for you too’ I’ve written the following post. Tadaa, the most expensive homes in the most expensive area codes.

1. Atherton California

This humble abode has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms and all of it spread out across 13.350 square meters of land. The price tag that comes with it is 21,95 million dollars and unfortunately you’re out of luck: it’s already been sold.

2. Or this one in The Hamptons

This one is all yours to have for 34 million dollars. It’s about an hour drive from New York, you’ve got a heated pool, a hot tub, a spa, a baseball field, a tennis court and of course a couple of rooms for guests and a theater. Good news here: this one is still on the market. Yes!

3. I seriously want this one

I’m not kidding. I want to live here. Or at least be invited over regularly. Or know people who know people who live here. Or who have visited the place. This house is in SoHo, there’s a wine closet, a silver bath, a yoga lawn (I have no idea what it is but it sounds like something I can’t live without), a roof terrace and a wet bar (same story here: I don’t know what it is, but it’s a basic essential in our lives). And look at those windows. And it’s right around the corner from all the coolest stores. I repeat: around the corner. I want it, I want it, I want it. What it’s going to cost ya? 65 million dollars. I hope that includes the wine. That could be the least they could do.

Funny thing is, after seeing this price, the first two houses suddenly seem super cheap.