the new lip trend you want to know about


Something huge is currently happening in the world of beauty. 3D lips to be exact. It all started with Disney works of art and then made its way to sushi lips. But this was all before the new fashion season started, and fashion weeks always bring us the newest trends and looks.


I personally spotted the flower lip backstage at Preen during London Fashion Week. Dried flowers that were glued to the models lips before they walked down the runway. Unfortunately it made it a little hard for the models to talk, so they just smiled and nodded their heads when something was asked.


And whatever happens during Fashion Week, you know all beauty bloggers and bloggers are going to embrace the trends and up the ante online. Makeup artist Johanna made sure not to sit still. She’s the queen of glitter in the beauty industry and she just stepped up her game. These lips are bedazzled with crystals. Real ones, from amethyst and gold. All I know is that I would be too afraid to talk. And it literally transforms you into a walking disco ball.



Photos: @beyou.byjoh