Let’s talk about men

things you’ll only ever hear a guy say


It usually annoys me, but more often than not I find myself hysterically laughing because most of the time it’s ‘such a guy thing’ to say, that I can’t really blame them. Here are a few examples from my own life and my friends. Obviously I’ll leave out the names.


Woman: “Babe, can your grab my makeup bag out of my purse?”

Man: “Uh from which one of the hundred?”


Woman: “Hey, can you send my mom a text to thank her for dinner?”

Man: “But what should I write?”


Woman: “So how was your date last night? What was she like?”

Man: “Yeah, I don’t know, it was alright I guess.”

ZERO details.


Man: “Ah man, don’t worry about it.


Woman: “What do you think of this shirt?”

Man: “Haven’t you always had that?”


Woman: “What do you want for dinner tonight?”

Man: “What are you in the mood for?”