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Five steps to make your garden or balcony summer ready

I don’t know how many times we’ve mentioned it already, but summer is leering around the corner. And okay, it might not be entirely hot out yet, warmer weather is (hopefully) on it’s way which means it’s time to spend more hours outdoors. Time to get rid of all the moss that’s been building up on your balcony or get rid of all the weed that’s nestled its way in between your garden tiles. Right now is the perfect time to make your garden or balcony entirely summer proof.

Step 1 – Prune, weed and everything else

This might be the step you have the least amount of enthusiasm for but it has to be done. Weeds enjoy sunlight and occasionally they’ll pop out a flower or two, but I know you aren’t all to thrilled about it and would rather decorate the area with pretty violets or something else flowery. Weeds have a way of spreading out fast, so make sure to beat it to the punch and get rid of it. While you’re at it, grab hold of your garden shears and trim any unwanted branches or other undesired growth you’ve spotted.

Step 2 – Time for a cleanse

Another chore that won’t have you jumping up and down out of excitement, but not as bad as getting rid of your garden weed; all your furniture can use a proper cleanse, especially if they’ve spent the entire winter outside. Green soap – grandma’s tip – will be your best friend.

Step 3 – Flowers

Ohhh, this is my personal favorite step out of all of them. Flowers that have already bloomed in your house, like those daffodils, crocuses and tulips you might have, can be given new life outside. Oh, and as you know, you can’t do this without purchasing some cute pots and bowls because these will give your garden a very summery upgrade.

Step 4 – Lighting

A balcony can turn into a dark little area in the evening, so make sure you create enough light. Same goes for your garden too. Plus, it’ll add  a bit of romance to the area. Don’t overdo it with bots filled with plants that will block any light. Won’t make your plants happy and it won’t make you happy. Work with light cords, cute lanterns for example. Do you have a massive garden (lucky you); then these lanterns will create a cozy atmosphere.

Step 5 – Dress up

The final step of your upgrade: dressing up your garden or balcony. New pillows and cute little garlands are fun for in your garden. But be careful. If you’ve bought a ton of flowers in rainbow colors, pots that represent Mexico, then pink, yellow and blue pillows might make your place look like a circus. You might think it looks cozy, but you want a place to relax. Keep it clean is all I can say. Go for a neutral color pallet. Flower pots in light colors. Same goes for your pillows. This will not only make the place more relaxing, it’ll make it look bigger too.