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Loaf of love

Plenty of pretty shoes making their rounds through their office on a daily basis. From the coolest biker boots to pretty heels. But loafers, they seem to really have taken over the world of shoes. Check these from our photog Viv.

Are you worried loafers are going to be a little too cold in November? Don’t worry, there’s a solution that’ll help you to keep wearing them. Loafers with faux fur on the inside. Exactly what you need in these cold winter months. 

BY Lilian Brijl
Bij alles wat onze Lil draagt, in huis haalt of shopt denk je: dat wil ik óók. Uit naam der mode speurt ze voor Amayzine naar de nieuwste trends waar je hebberig van wordt. En sinds zoon Enzo in Lils leven is begint dat dus al bij de aller-allerkleinsten.
Afbeelding van Lilian Brijl