In Paris, New York or Amsterdam?

how to have the perfect beauty look

Yesterday you might have read about my encounter with Lyne Desnoyers, an amazing Canadian born and Paris raised woman who’s been working for M.A.C Cosmetics for the last twenty years. She left Paris behind for New York where she’s been settled for the past four years, and so she gave us some insight about the beauty rules in a few of the different fashion cities around the globe. Read more.


The 8 best buys in a French pharmacy

One of the many reasons to visit Paris in August is that you’ll have the best pharmacy in the city all to yourself. The Citypharma du Four Bonaparte (Louboutin-walking-distance from Cafe de Flore) is usually full to the brim with people, but in August the Parisians all up and moved to Biarritz, Deauville or the Côte and you get to go wild. These are the things to buy to make your life easier, more beautiful and more fun. Read more.

8 x bigger eyes with make-up

We have an ‘issue’ with eyes here at our office. They need to be big and expressive, because only then can you make an impression. May-Britt sometimes pays a visit to the ‘king of lashes‘ to have a few falsies added in, which do not look fake by the way, and Liesbeth has natural bambi-eyes but likes to accentuate them further with mascara. Read more.

Showering in Chanel

I once had the privilege to stay at May-Britt’s house and I made sure to get out of bed an hour earlier so that I could lock myself in her bathroom. It comes as no surprise that her bathroom was in fact FILLED with Chanel bottles and powders… Read more.

Before I chose a subject for my Doctor Josselin column I ask around a bit. It may be a familiar term to me but that doesn’t mean it is for others. For example the term: Hyaluronic Acid. Every beauty presentation I go to mentions it at least 33 times and every product has this term on the packaging in bold print. But what is it exactly? Read more.

The past weekend we pushed our little noses into the sun to get a tan. Me too and I was happy to see some color appear on my face but I also saw that I seemed to have activated some pigmentation spots. So this time I asked; what is pigment and what does it do to your skin. Read more.

5 reasons why red hair is cool

A while ago I had my hair dyed and it turned out a little gingerish. It took some getting used to but now I think it’s pretty cool. Regarding the fact only 2 percent of the world population is born with red hair and there aren’t that many redheads around; I now belong to a select group. Read more.

H&M to launch new beauty line

Something new popped into my mailbox this morning that made me very happy. And not. Because I will never be able to leave this H&M launch without a bag full of goodies. Read more.

Spray Tan Orangina

Yes. I can add another chapter to the Coco blooper book. I don’t walk around looking like a dimwit on purpose you know, it just happens. Read more.

BB cream versus foundation. Amayzine put it to the test. We have two contestants in our beauty ring, ready to fight it out. In the righthand corner it’s ‘full and striking’ foundation and in the lefthand corner it’s ‘subtle and fine’ BB cream. Bring it on, girls. And remember, fight fair and square. Read more.