Not a day goes by that I do not get immersed in the world of Coco. The amazing Mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel. In the morning I spray a little Chance, then a little Quatre Ombres on the eyes and well, clearly I could make a daily schedule of my Coco routines. As of today, I’m adding a little something new to my Chanel ritual: Chance Eau Vive. Read more.

Sleepover bag essentials

We’ve talked about this before, not having your stuff at hand when sleeping over at a guy’s place. No silky creams, nothing to clean your face with, no foundation, nothing, zilch, zippo. It’s even a bigger issue when you sleep over at his place on a regular basis (same guy) but are not yet at the stage of stalling out your stuff in his bathroom. Read more.

the prettier, the smarter

I remember enjoying the fact that the prettiest girl is my class was also the stupidest. If anyone said anything about her silky thick hair or gorgeous smooth skin I would bring out the anecdotes. Read more.

Do's and don'ts for beautiful skin

If I were to eat takeout from the Chinese restaurant around the corner for a couple of days, I can wait for pimples on my chin and nose (that’s where they are, never anywhere else). The same goes for Zwitsal baby products. If I rub that stuff on my head or anywhere else, I wake up the next day with very odd-looking red spots. Read more.


Ding-dong! Kardashian alert! We briefly request your attention for a scoop. The most photographed woman of the moment has undergone a rather dramatic metamorphosis and we’d like to share the first pictures. Read more.

like to know how often Kim Kardashian washes her hair?

We asked around the editorial team to see how many people would be interested to know how often Kim Kardashian washes her hair. At first everyone was a bit sniffy about such banal information. However once one of our editors dared to admit that she actually would be interested to know, the rest reluctantly joined in. So should there be a few readers who don’t mind knowing this too, here it goes: Read more.

Good for you

- beauty resolutions -

You’ve probably already read what May had to say earlier this week and don’t actually need to begin the new year off with good resolutions. But I always think, why not start earlier in the year? May-Britt is right, and I’ve gone ahead and created a list of things I want to work on this year. Maybe you’ll find it handy too, because research has shown that women around the world love playing with make-up, but don’t spend much time on cleansing. Pity, because if you start with a good ritual, you’ll reap the benefits everyday. So get started. Read more.

Celebrities hairstyles

I also love summaries, lists and everything that goes with them, just like May and Lies. I mean, it’s so much fun to write everything from the last year down in points. I have the honour of presenting the beauty part. And because celebs never have problems taking a scissor to their hair, while we spend weeks thinking about it (thank God for hair extensions), I’m kicking it off with celebs who deserve the Look of 2014 award. Read more.