What fashion pieces are getting the most likes on Instagram right now? This is the ultimate Insta-wishlist of the blogger set. Read more.

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My shoes determine my look of the day. How that works? It’s easy; first I check my schedule to see what kind of day it is then I consider which shoes suit my day. The rest of my outfit comes together naturally to fit the shoes. Read more.

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Which sunglasses match your face?

I love sunglasses. But admittedly I only buy designer glasses. About two a year. Sounds snobby but being able to have a clear view through sunlight is muy importante and I really notice the difference between these and H&M sunnies. Excusez-moi. Read more.

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the biggest trends for this festival season

It’s that I work 5 days a week where they expect me to show up awake and functional, otherwise you would find me at a festival every weekend coming summer. There was a time when this was normal practice for me (the only fun part about college). Showing up at the festival site at noon and being the last one to leave and join the after party. By the time my hangover was over it was Wednesday, not very stimulating for a work environment. But hey! The festival season is on it’s way and aside from the music and partying there’s another fun perk; the clothing. Read more.

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5 things you should know about CLAIRE UNDERWOOD

the tv style icon du moment

Move over Carrie Bradshaw. There’s a new icon on TV who is causing quit a stir with her style and character out in the real world. We are, of course, talking about Claire Underwood, the female leading lady in House of Cards. The hit series keeps millions of people glued to the tube deep into the night and others not being able to leave their sofa for an entire weekend. Read more.

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Gigi, what did you say?

Together with Kendall she absolutely holds the title of today’s It model.  Adored by the fashion world and far beyond in other worlds, they are the Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford of our era. Gigi Hadid’s popularity in particular seems boundless, apart from being a captivating beauty, she also comes across as immensely likeable. Her down-to-earth attitude in combination with her glamorous background* is enchanting. Gigi doesn’t put a foot wrong. Well she didn’t until… Read more.

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the lazy illustrator and LOTD-worthy type come together

– The sketch app –  

You can make me deliriously happy with gorgeous illustrations. Now I do understand that not everyone is blessed with my talent (joke!), but I have found a brilliant app for the totally uncreative amongst us, or the lazy designer. Chic Sketch. It’s an app with which cool looks can be made into an illustration in a flash. The makers even describe it as the most ‘instagrammable and shareable app’ in New York, so that’s very promising. Read more.

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This morning you were so overloaded with news and clips of the frenzied Grammys that you would almost forget that on the other side of the Pond the BAFTA’s had been awarded. The crème de la crème of the English-speaking film industry came together Sunday evening for the film awards; best described as the British Oscars. The red carpet was rolled out at Covent Garden and we watched critically as the scene unfolded. Read more.

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6 reasons not to wear a bra

Because it's the best feeling in the world

Since I haven’t been blessed with breasts like Kate Upton, it does happen fairly often that I leave home without a bra. And I love it. Bigger-breasted friends don’t get that or they are simply jealous, but flat-chested peers often don’t understand it at all either. Which I don’t get, because not wearing a bra is the best thing in the world, for the following reasons. Read more.

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There is a good chance you will hate me after this article but I’ll take my chances. Something has been bothering me for a long time and I’m going to write about it now. I really don’t get that people are allowed to sing in praise of plus-size models and bash skinny models in the process. That someone like Tess Holliday is being praised and bejeweled. That everyone is full of piss and vinegar about Kate Moss and the Victoria’s Secret models’ bodies and we love to scream that a person is too skinny, but as soon as someone uses the F-word (fat), they are demolished where they stand. Read more.

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The largest PLUS-SIZE MODEL ever

She is size 52 and 1,65 metres tall and has totally turned the fashion world upside down. Tess Holliday recently signed a contract with Milk Model Management and is to date the largest model ever signed up by a main stream modelling agency. Read more.

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It’s been on everyones lips for days: “Are you going to the SuperTrash show on Saturday?” We received the paper invites about a week ago and the location was spread by mouth. “We’re going underground.” Something about Amsterdam Central Station, something to do with a tunnel, something new, but the exact details remained top secret. And so it went back and fore and it was SuperTrash high and SuperTrash low, until Saturday and we all saw just how worthy Olcay was of all the pre commotion. Read more.

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IN 24 hours

This last week we flew to Berlin for 24 hours to soak up Berlin Fashion Week. Our first stop was the MarcCain show, where the presence of Katie Holmes and Liz Hurley caused hysteria as they arrived. Once inside – as usual for a fashion week – the champagne flowed freely, and the curry sausages were everywhere. Still Germany. Read more.

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The best dressed women on TV

These are the women that always give us extra reason to turn on the telly. The women who distract from the story, because you’re spending moments scrutinising their outfits. Those who make you wish you could trade wardrobes out loud. Who make you dream about New York, a job as top lawyer and even about Denver. Our favourite TV style icons. Read more.

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Designer pieces for a steal

I always imagined that I was privileged by right of ‘essential need of my function’ to spend at least half an hour per day surfing on Then I heard something from a girlfriend who works at a large legal company; they too spend plenty of time ordering the necessary items. What am I talking about; boxes full of vacation outfits are delivered there. Read more.

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May's Open-Door Paradise

“Is that it?” is the standard comment when I show people my wardrobe. My love had designed a gorgeous built in wardrobe for me, but the size, the size was sometimes a little disappointing. Read more.

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May's Fashion Week Survival Kit

Yes indeed, the tickets are booked again. We’re flying on Friday 13th (I know, I know but who cares, we’re going to NY) so we can report on everything, everything, EVERYTHING to do with shows, models, gossip and street-style looks. And in the category foreplay, I’ve decided to start assembling my survival kit already, because it may seem cool to wear your Bill Cunningham-worthy outfit in -15 degrees weather, but it certainly ain’t fun. If you know what I mean. Read more.

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Last week we were surprised with a box full of cheerful mugs and tea for all our editors, from dear Maartje Verhoef. Can’t believe that she made time to send them. Read more.

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The 5 most powerful models on Instagram

I’ve been extremely busy interviewing all the most important modelling agents in Holland for our winter issue. The theme will be ‘top models’ and the winner of Holland’s Next Top-model will grace our cover. Read more.

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