Here's why coconuts rock

If you find yourself stranded on a deserted island, coconuts will be your best friend. You’ll hardly need anything else. You can eat the thin inner layer of ‘spoon meat’, drink the water, make oil from it for your skin… Read more.

That's how Miranda does it

Miranda Kerr. Kind of perfect you could say. Maybe not on the inside, but it certainly looks that way. Physically anyway. I’m starting to figure out what foods are good for me, what gives me energy and what to avoid. Still it’s always interesting to find out what others do. Read more.

ABS are made in the kitchen

8 ways to tighten that belly

Just because we are well into summer does not mean that we are going to slack off. Most of us still have to go on vacation. If you want to slip into one of your super sexy tight dresses or parade around in that bikini, you better listen up. If you want to know about all those delicious things that you are allowed to indulge on this summer you’ve come to the right place. I’ll teach you a few things about how to get that tummy tight and how to keep it that way.
Don’t be afraid of fats. Read more.

Why we should all meditate

No, don’t freak out. I’m not a meditation-goeroe. To become happy and healthy please queue at Jet’s desk, for heels and wine, you’re welcome at mine. But I am also a workaholic that wants to conquer the world (big dreams are free) and anything that helps me get there in a more relaxed fashion is worth trying. Read more.

Cooking with the stars

Some sing, others take to the stage and most of them market a perfume and / or clothing brand. Celebrities that come up with recipes and cookbooks are the ones that always capture my interests. Who doesn’t want to look like Gwyneth Paltrow or have a look in Kris Jenner’s kitchen. Let me fill you in on the latest health books of the stars. Read more.

This is the new blue/brown dress

Do you remember that infamous blue/brown dress that ruined friendships, caused screaming fights in Amayzine land and drove the entire Internet mad? We have another relationship-tester for you: Albert and Marilyn. Read more.

You did not know this about champagne

Research differs. According to one we drink half a glass of champagne a year other results show we drink a bottle a year per person, in both cases it’s not much. I therefore have a strong suspicion they didn’t take the Amayzine team into account, we drink an average bottle a week. Seriously? Half a glass, a year? How is that possible? Read more.

uncharted waters

The best lunches are the ones that are spontaneous. Like this one with wine on the table, shared club sandwiches and children running around having fun. Water was ordered, with bubbles, but when the waitress arrived with a bottle of Sourcy I sighed, “ Oh. Sourcy…” Read more.

10 Things at the same time. ALl the time.

I need a lesson in mindfulness.

Today we’re talking mindfulness. Sounds airy fairy to a lot of people (and therefore not immediately attractive), but it is absolutely not. I understand that you probably want to walk away when I start telling you that mindfulness is to do with ‘attention training’, ‘staying in the present’, ‘being aware without judging’ and ‘accepting for what it is’, but please stay and keep reading. Read more.

6 ways to lose weight that have nothing to do with food

It’s Blue Monday a.k.a the most depressing day of the year. I actually felt the same way about last week and the week before that, but today is apparently the day. Perhaps also because everyone is trying to lose those Christmas kilos. And no-one feels like deciphering tricky diet recipes. Well I have news. Good news. You can lose weight without counting calories or gnawing on raw nuts. Really. Read on and you’ll see that this Blue Monday could just turn into Blissful Monday. Read more.

How to get your back strong and beautiful

Because that's what you need in dresses like these

My personal trainer always shouts out “Heey, the summer is coming ok!” really loudly during our sessions and if I have enough time to think for a moment, my brains are shouting back: “Yeah, hello, that’s only in six months time, does it all have to be so difficult?” Yes, it does. If you want to be comfortable lying on the beach you need start now with training. And you need to be in the gym now if you want to keep up with the coming season’s fashion, because clothing with an open back is going to be hip. T-shirt, gala dress or casual; doesn’t matter, your back should be on show. So to make sure you’re not left with any little rolls, here are some exercises. Read more.

The best and tastiest breakfasts in town

It’s Saturday morning and you’re lying (hungover) in bed; how many times have you thought: how cool would it be to just ring room service for a full breakfast in your room? Often I’m sure. Okay, I can’t promise room service (well, we’d have to discuss it first, cause I’m not cheap you know), but I can give you tips for the best breakfasts in town. So jump under the shower, on your bike and allow yourself to be served a delicious (healthy) breakfast in one of these lovely places. Exactly what you need after a wild night. Read more.