Marc Cain:

The star of Berlin Fashion Week

It’s that time of the year again when Europe is starting to buzz and bubble with fashion. From the Men’s fashion week in Milan to the Haute Couture shows in Paris and this week Berlin was Europe’s fashion capital kicking off their summer edition of Berlin Fashion Week on Tuesday. That meant we were on a plane at the crack of dawn… Read more.

 anticipating VUITTON

It’s nearly over for the model children. After four long and booked-out weeks there’s just one day left to go before they are able to back home to their mothers. The fashion world will conclude with perhaps the most beautiful and prestigious show: Louis Vuitton. Read more.

Done Undone

– hair of today –

We’ve snooped around at many a show and yesterday May-Britt came fresh from Michael Kors’ backstage door to O&M Hair Salon where we got perfect hair done for the evening. Backstage at Michael Kors May got inspired seeing how they achieved the perfect ‘done undone’ hairdo for when you don’t have the luxury to step into a salon. So here it is in three steps; Read more.

Waffle on

I don’t know about you, but I used to own a waffle iron when I was younger. One of those über-cool irons used to steam waves into your hair. It was totally hip at junior school, and you could do your whole head or just your pony tail. The boys were not as impressed, but DJ from Full House had her hair like… Read more.

May's Fashion Week Survival Kit

Yes indeed, the tickets are booked again. We’re flying on Friday 13th (I know, I know but who cares, we’re going to NY) so we can report on everything, everything, EVERYTHING to do with shows, models, gossip and street-style looks. And in the category foreplay, I’ve decided to start assembling my survival kit already, because it may seem cool to wear your Bill Cunningham-worthy outfit in -15 degrees weather, but it certainly ain’t fun. If you know what I mean. Read more.