Things to do before 30

Now that 27 is officially a fact, I feel 30 creeping up on me. Does it really bother me? Nah, it’s not a problem. Although it would suit me to stay in my twenties for a little while longer, it just sounds a lot less old. Read more.

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As they say: the camera adds ten pounds. TV cameras are the absolute worst, but a photo camera isn’t your best friend either. However, there are tricks you can use to bring out your inner goddess in every shot. Take note of my slimming tips and you’ll be the queen of Instagram… Read more.

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It’s bizarrely cold in New York at the moment, I’ve wavered towards turning on the heating the past mornings. What is this? Around this time of year it usually feels like your hitting a wall when you walk out of your air-conditioned space, very hot and humid. This summer certainly hasn’t given it her best yet. So let’s consider this a school lesson in SOS-for-hot spells. Read more.

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Distracting each other. Yep, that’s us. Even if only one of us is working on an Instagram post we both need 15 minutes. All that chatting and social media result in fun posts so it’s all business. Here’s a handful of the distractions that we have to put up with. Any advise? We’re listening. Read more.

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Questions I don't have an answer to

I’ve been roaming the earth for nearly 27 years and I consider myself a reasonably communicative person. But there are still a few situations that leave me tongue-tied. I never know how to react appropriately, let alone react in general. Whoever has a solution please tell me. Read more.

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How to survive kids birthday parties

Last year I organized my first children’s birthday party. There’s some kind of bespoke rule that states you shouldn’t invite more children than the age of your child plus one. I don’t know which Einstein came up with this formula but I decided to ignore it. “Invite as many friends as you like, honey.” I boldly heard myself say. When the mothers came to bring all their children they said I was very brave to throw a four-hour party. “Usually the cake is gone by three and they’re all-in each other’s hair”, the more experienced mothers told me. A ‘good luck’ was added along with a comforting padding of the shoulder and off they went. Read more.

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7 Things you need on your desk

I am typing this article behind my desk at the office, obviously. On my right is Jet, but I can barely see her through all the mess. Liesbeth thinks she’s very structured with her trays and staplers but beside her desk there are piles of empty ASOS boxes and the rest of her stuff she drops into her drawers. There is still a lot to be done here. My desk, on the other hand is neatly organized, I can’t stand messy desks. They make me nervous and I get easily distracted when working or drawing. Invest in these five items to make your desk look tidier so you will enjoy working there even more. Read more.

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May's civilized traits

On my way home I was drinking a can of cola light. When it was empty I vented a little burp. Sorry, I’m only human. Surprisingly I found myself saying ‘excuse-me’, out loud. To whom? Why did I do this? We seem to act more civilized than you might expect. Read more.

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Pitch black miracle drink

Gwyneth Paltrow called it ‘the best juice cleanse’ and Salma Hayek incorporated it into her own juice factory. Celebrities swear this red carpet detox, activated coal, is the best kept beauty secret since well ever. Read more.

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Sometimes men just don’t understand women. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you look at the following list. We’re nice but there are times when we act a little odd. Read more.

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things that seem like a good idea when you're plastered

It’s Friday night and tonight is the night to get utterly gazeboed. After a night of letting your hair down you can get some darned interesting insights. Meeting up with the lower version of yourself might be an excuse for those idiot decisions. But then alcohol has the power to make insane ideas suddenly sound ravingly marvelous. Read more.

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The days in our department are reasonably orderly. We saunter in, prepare coffee and tea, discuss past events (did you see that Bruce Jenner interview?) and then we get to work. Read more.

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the pros and cons of being tall

I’m 1.83 centimeters tall. I used to hate this when I was younger as I always got into a fight at some concert after being accused of blocking someone’s view, being the size of a tree and all. All my boyfriends were short a head but on the upside I did get into an adult Disco once. At that time Zara had a lot of extra long jeans, perfect, because now everything is short, short, short. Read more.

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NAilbiter? eyelash puller?

This is what it says about you

Danie Bles told me that lately, when her husband and sons can’t find her, she’s usually in the bathroom plucking away at her eyebrows. And model and actress Olivia Munn has eyelash pulling as a ‘hobby’. Even Leontine Borsato, during one of her interviews with Beau Monde, mentioned that she considered removing the hair from her legs a kind of occupational therapy. Read more.

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May's daily brain workout

A year ago when still a small startup we worked from a tiny attic looking out onto a photo studio. There day after day we would see Greg Shapiro gasping for breath ‘cos he had to dish out twenty questions per minute. And also deliver funny lines in between, which he managed. Read more.

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I’m writing this while Jet and I are sitting in the inner garden at Hotel Costes. Jet drinking a green tea and me a glass of grape juice. Sorry. The ladies from Detox Delight will have to turn their heads to the left. Or to the right. Just don’t read this article. It’s my second juice already. But hey, we’re in Paris and the party is for one day so we’re going for it. This was Jet’s 91st business trip to Paris. Guess what? I still had a few handy tips for her. Read more.

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I can conclude, without too much exaggeration, that I spend 80% of my day on Instagram, time well spent and amazing that I ever get any work done. Having said that, I do have a love-hate relationship with Instagram. Or for some people on Instagram. Why I follow them is a mystery so I recently did a big clean up round and kicked them all out. Clean house, clean mind. The following types of people should be the first to get thrown out, because they are the types that make you spit blood and they make Instagram an irritating place to be, which is horrible for everyone. Read more.

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How to survive long trips

Anyone doing a bit of travelling will at some stage encounter the tediously long bus-, train-, car- or airplane sessions. You can usually amuse yourself looking at the movie screen that’s stuck in front of your nose in a plane, but it’s much harder in a rocking bus or shaking train. No need to panic, there are plenty of ways to make those eight hours more fun. Read more.

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