The best hotel gyms in Europe

There are two things that I find very important in a hotel. A good bar and a great gym. Indeed, exact opposites, but I absolutely do not want that whisky sour hanging around on my hips. St. Martins Lane, the hotel that we’ve been staying in the last few days in London has both. Read more.

7 tips to get you to work out

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be starting boxing lessons with my trainer Robby. I’ve honestly got no idea of how to go about this, but I am meant to stand in the ring with my eyes wide open eyes and freshly washed hair. Of course this is not an option in the winter, ‘cos it’s pitch black, freezing cold and I would rather stay in bed as long as possible. Read more.

10 Things at the same time. ALl the time.

I need a lesson in mindfulness.

Today we’re talking mindfulness. Sounds airy fairy to a lot of people (and therefore not immediately attractive), but it is absolutely not. I understand that you probably want to walk away when I start telling you that mindfulness is to do with ‘attention training’, ‘staying in the present’, ‘being aware without judging’ and ‘accepting for what it is’, but please stay and keep reading. Read more.

My favorite CITY rUNS

10 KM, totally doable!

I can imagine that ‘running a half marathon’ scares the daylights out of you. And it is heavy. When I trained for the marathon (42km), I basically had no social life for four months. Early to bed, no alcohol and sometimes three hours of training. You need to be dedicated. But you could start by not setting the bar too high, with a 10 km run. That distance is totally doable and you don’t need to train forever to do it. Even better is that you can actually walk the next day and won’t be crawling with muscle ache. Super handy, so you can go shopping the next day to treat yourself to something nice. Running 10 kilometres should have a reward no? Read more.

 gym Grievances

It’s January and we’ll all be diving into the nearest gym to realize our new year’s resolutions. I have visited many different gyms during my life.  And I can tell you, I used to only shower at home. The gym showers were far too dirty. It was at one of those student discount places, know what I mean?  Another grievance was that while chilling out in the sauna an enormous piece of equipment walked in, I left in a hurry. Thank goodness, I have also seen gyms with private shower cubicles, hairdryers, swimming pools, water fountains everywhere, fresh towels and without coin operated lockers. Wonderful. Read more.