I die, I die


I’ve been following Winonah de Jong on Instagram for quite some time now. She had 28k followers in no time, which isn’t that strange because Winonah’s closet is a closet that seems to belong to a professional stylist. I was incredibly happy when she welcomed me in her walk-in paradise.


It takes a while before my taxi is able to find casa de Jong. It lies hidden between Milanese hills, but, of course, all the villagers know our hero Nigel and happily point us in the right direction. Inside it’s calm as a clam. Their interior bears Eric Kuster’s signature. The house is richly decorated with white orchids, books on fashion and Jo Malone’s scented candles burn everywhere. Divine!

Winonah entertains us in a fab Isabel Marant dress. Latest collection. Her pink UGG slippers (“I like to keep my floors clean at home”) lead the way to every woman’s dream who likes fashion. Hermès boxes, Louboutin shoes and at least ten Chanel coats. Luckily, Winonah brings me back to earth with her typically Dutch attitude. “I’m done with those Louboutins. They’re really beautiful but also so uncomfortable. Unbelievable. You know, just keeping it real.” Winonah, you’re my kind of girl. My Loubies are gorgeous but they hurt too. A lot.


She’s more keen on her Isabel Marant boots. She’s got the high ones (smooth leather on the back and suede on the front) and just ordered the high trainers with pony hair on net-a-porter.com (with which she enjoys an intense relationship). “I really like Isabel Marant’s style. Beautiful things, that’s what I like, but I’m also a mother. I should be able to move and I don’t like things to be too styled. It doesn’t have to match perfectly, I think that lacks creativity.”

“I’m done with those LOUBOUTINS. They’re really beautiful but also so uncomfortable.”

“My ideal look is a leather legging (I’m a big fan of J.Brand, I know my size so I buy them online), a simple t-shirt (Zara or H&M really suffice) and a good vest, fun fur coat, or perhaps a Chanel coat. Little bag, good boots and we’re done.”
When it comes to shoes, she’s also a big fan of designer Giuseppe Zanotti. “They’re cool, sturdy, and elegant and they’re comfortable. I can wear them if I go to the playground with my children and I find that really important.” One of her most cherished pairs by Giuseppe Zanotti has been designed by Kanye West. “I’m considering whether to create a showcase for these shoes. I can put them on display when I’m done wearing them. They’re too beautiful to just sit in a closet. I really think they’re a work of art.”


“I don’t like things to be too styled. It doesn’t have to match PERFECTLY, I think that lacks creativity.”

Winonah likes bags. And the lady’s got taste. Besides quite the number of Hermès bags (“which you just have to have if you like fashion. And if you can afford it, I’m aware that it’s quite something that I’m able to do so.”), there are also lots of Chanel bags smiling at me. And you all know that’s my soft spot. Her third favourite brand of bags is Victoria Beckham. “I find her evolution into a serious designer impressive.” Winonah has a couple of nice evening bags by Charlotte Olympia (of which the one shaped in a Chanel Nr 5 bottle is truly a hoot) and Christian Louboutin. “This pair with studs is always mistaken for a gun when I go through customs. When I explain to them it’s actually a hip evening bag, we all have a laugh and soon I’m on my way again.”


Three tall rows of sweaters are neatly stacked in her walk in. “Easy peasy, especially in the weekend. I like to have my closet tidy. I’ve always been orderly but with items such as these I think it’s a sign of respect to treat them nicely. If the children are at school, I go in and tidy everything. I do a bit of folding, run a swiffer across some surfaces and I’m done. Isn’t it just divine to look at such a styled closet?”


“If the children are at school, I go in and tidy everything. I do a bit of folding, run a swiffer across some surfaces and I’m done.”

Red Carpet Style

“I like feminine, Nigel does so too. For example, he really doesn’t want me to get too thin, he likes curves. Anyway, when I look at my collection, I see that I’ve got quite a lot of pantsuits. Extremely feminine ones that I combine with sexy heels and a nice bag. The only disadvantage of evening wear is that you can only really wear it once. Such a pity to have all these valuable pieces just hanging in my closet. I think I’ll organise a vintage sale. Then, they can all have a second life.” We can only scream one thing; Do. Winonah. Do! Amayzine.com’s definitely game.

Winonah loves

  • J. Brand leather skinnies
  • Anything Isabel Marant
  • Jo Malone’s scented candles
  • Le Parfum by Elie Saab
Chanel, Hermes, VB bags
Calvé peanut butter (“fortunately, also for sale here in Italy”)


  1. Sandals, € 1200 (Giuseppe Zanotti x Kanye West)
  2. Leather leggings, € 1075 (J. Brand via net-a-porter)
  3. Sneakers with ponyskin, € 465 (Isabel Marant via Matchesfashion)
  4. T-shirt, € 7,95 (H&M)
  5. Sweater, € 480 (Isabel Marant via Matchesfashion)
  6. Leather “Liberty Bag”, € 995 (Victoria Beckham)
  7. Rosegold bracelet, € 1600 (Hermès
  8. Tule skirt, € 272 (Alice and Olivia)
  9. “Walk of Fame” bag, € 820 (Charlotte Olympia)