I wrote an article about this great Vogue series a while ago, where they ask a bunch of cool famous woman 73 questions. Sarah Jessica Parker was first, then Olivia Munn and after that Blake Lively. Lots of fun, informative and very funny.

But now, now is the turn of the woman we all would like to ask 73 questions of, the woman with the most scary image ever and who you don’t usually expect a joke from: Anna Wintour. The editor-in-chief of American Vogue opened her office doors and answered the questions in a snooty and acted out, very spontaneous (…) way. These are the most notable answers.

  1. She doesn’t drink alcohol. Ever.
  2. Her day starts at 5am with a Starbucks breakfast.
  3. She despises horoscopes.
  4. Her ideal vacation destination is not a far away tropical land, but rather her own house.
  5. Pride and Prejudice is her favourite book, and War and Peace is the book she wishes she had written.
  6. She will never be seen in top to toe black.
  7. She hates the fashion term ‘journey’ the most.
  8. She hardly ever carries a handbag.
  9. Her favourite food is avocado.
  10. She’s petrified of spiders.
  11. She has never taken a selfie and intends on keeping it that way.