Gigi Bowmer is makeup artist for one of the greats on earth: Estée Lauder. She gave all of our guests a touch up during our launch party, and now she’s finally sharing her favourites with us. And she even gave us tips how to apply those great products beautifully. 

Morning ritual

“I usually get up quite early and the first thing I do is put some Rooibos tea, I’ll look at some work, and have breakfast with my two sons. I take a bath every day, but I don’t really use something spectacular. It’s only lavender bath salts. I really like it. I’m also quite addicted to body lotion, I often use a neutral one and alternate it with Re-Nutriv Intenstive Smoothing Body Cream from Estée Lauder which is the cream of the crop. When it comes to facial care, I start the day with the serum Perfectionist CP + R, and I will end the day with Advanced Night Repair Recovery Complex. CP+R is firming and perfect for fine lines and wrinkles. Afterwards, I use an eye cream and accompanying day cream from Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Cream. Those products are really great and aren’t too expensive, and I can tell from my skin that they’re doing a good job. After the skincare products, I use Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Light foundation as a basis, which I mix with a drop of Advanced Night Repair. It gives you the perfect no makeup effect. At the breakfast table I often do the rest of my makeup. Depending on what I’m doing later that day, I choose for a natural of more expressive look. When I have to work under bright lamps, for instance, colours tend to get drained away for which red lips are ideal.”

Favourite polish

“The Pure Color Nail lacquer from Estée Lauder are very pretty. Envious is the perfect red colour. It’s very cool and it looks great on everyone. The Smoked Chrome is also very nice, an anthracite colour that goes with everything. It’s a metallic polish that has an instant covering and dries immediately. The third I like to use is green: Viper. I find nails very important, it gives you an immediate taken care of look. Especially short nails have that look.”

Red carped essential

“I think this has to be a good primer for underneath your foundation. The Illuminating Perfecting Primer gives you a soft glow underneath your foundation. This makes you radiate. It looks natural with a little bit of extra. Another red carpet essential is popping eyelashes. Sumptuous Infinite Mascara gives a great extension effect. And if you first use Lash Primer Plus then you’ll get incredibly long lashes.”

All-time favouarite

“Double Wear Light foundation. It’s so beautiful, the colour’s a great match on anyone. It gives a perfect result if you use it for a photo shoot. Even the way of applying it is great, you can build it up which causes you to never look over-the-top. Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme CC cream SPF 10 is also great. Many women are used to an extensive fragrance wardrobe, but now, finally, they also tend to create a foundation wardrobe. A foundation for every opportunity, if you will. This CC cream is great and you can even use it underneath your foundation.”


“I often wear red lipstick. At the moment, Estée Lauder’s  Pure Colour Envy’s Impassioned is my favourite. The casing is beautiful, the click sound when you close it is a moment of absolute luxury. If I wear a smokey eye then I tend to forgo the red lipstick and choose a nude one. It’s great to colour your lips first with your lip pencil, to fade this with a brush, and then put on the lipstick. Everything looks so much better and stays put so long. Great, right? On these long days.”

 Eyebrows or lashes 

“Eyebrows determine your face’s look for about 70 %. Many women choose mascara as absolute must, but when they’ve gained more experience in the beauty world they quickly correct this to eyebrows. My tip to shape them nicely, to lift them, and to open your face is to relax the eyebrows and to pull them upwards about 3/4th along your eyebrow. You can see a corner. Put a dot in the highest point of that corner and use it as a guide. Start with applying light sketch marks towards the highest point of your eyebrows. Emphasise the corner a bit and sketch it towards the hairline. Don’t forget to fade it out. Success guaranteed.”

Unexpected beauty tool

“The tips of your fingers. Many women use too much blush and don’t even know they’re doing it. I only want to do sophisticated chic. Take your powder blush and add some blush to your ring finger. You need to fade it on your thumb’s cushion and blend it a bit. Then use your fingers to apply it on the apple of your cheeks. It’s a beautiful way of applying blush because it never gets too much, and it’s completely integrated in your skin. Use a little bit more on the tip of your nose and chin, and the two ‘bumps’ on your forehead. Gives that little bit of extra.”

Favourite perfume

“Well, several really. During winter that’s Knowing from Estée Lauder. During summer I wear Jasmine White Moss from the Private Collection from Estée Lauder. This has been designed by Aerin, Estée’s grand daughter. The packaging is filled with beautiful gems, inspired by the bracelet that Aerin got from her grand mum.”

Never leave home without

“If you spend a little more time and attention on your makeup in the morning, you don’t really need to do anything about it during the day. I personally think that makeup looks better after about an hour and a half. It started to lead a life of its own. Apply your products with care, along the course of the day you’ll only have to touch up your lips or apply some more powder, but nothing more really. Nothing is as boring as a ‘perfect look’. A woman that frantically checks whether everything still looks alright is not doing it right. You always want to keep a bit of ‘rock’ in your appearance.”