15 steps to a happier 2015

I’m so over new year’s resolutions. However, there’s nothing wrong with coming up with things to make the new year more fun or to turn every grey, disgusting Tuesday into a top day, is there?

1. Mini bottles of champagne

Jort Kelder recently told me that Ernest Hemingway started his day with a glass of champagne. In fact, he brushed his teeth with the stuff. When someone asked him if it was true, he answered: “Are there people who don’t?”

Of course champagne is delicious at a party. But if you’ve had a, excuse me, shit day, then dear girlfriends, it’s absolutely divine.

My advice, buy three mini bottles of Moët, for those moments on a Tuesday evening at 17:30, or Wednesday at 14:05. Who cares, whenever you need it, just pop that cork.

2. A paper agenda

As you may already know, organisation and planning are not exactly my strong point. And I’m not exactly handy with computers. Yes, that may sound weird for someone with an online business but I have people for that. My digital agenda could just disappear or not show up on my mobile and only on my computer. I have bought an old fashioned agenda again, and write my appointments in it in a ballpoint pen. Far clearer and nicer. Besides someone can leave a happy note behind or hide an invitation to some cool event in it or leave a surprise business card tucked away. That makes me happy.

3. A new sport

And I don’t mean the newest form of yoga (because that is actually the same old thing) or another personal trainer, no something totally different. Josselin has just passed her diving exam and I have another horse riding lesson next week. Besides, you’ll make huge progress when you start something new and that is very good for your ego.

4. Buy lots and lots of cards

Being super attentive makes you happy. A card is the tiniest of effort. I know that you’re extremely busy but still civilised, so I’m telling you; go to the Bijenkorf, invest in 20 cards and make everyone happy.

5. Book your cleaner for an extra day

This does not need to cost extra money. Split her four hour session into two times two. You’ll have that clean house feeling twice per week.

6. A weekend away with girlfriends

You never seem to get it together and maybe you’re feeling a little guilty towards your family (if you have one that is) but book it, and do it. They’ll get through one night without you. Overestimating your own importance is also not good for you.

7. Ben & Jerry’s in your freezer

Extremely dangerous, I know. But sometimes a tub of ice cream can make you so deeply and intensely happy. Give me the strawberry cheesecake, chocolate fudge brownie and cookie dough please.

8. New hair

New hair, new you. Go and book an appointment now. Your stylist will have all the time in the world in January.

9. Photo frames

Your mobile is full of them, but none of us have anything tangible. Go to a framer, choose a few of your favourite photos, have them printed and hang them up. It’ll make you happy.

10. Do something good

Become an organ donor finally, because you’ve been wanting to for so long but still haven’t. Or donate money to foundation ALS, or give clothing to Unicef or to the CliniClowns.

11. Organise your life

Create a folder and store your passwords in it. From your iCloud, your AppleID to your DigiD, all the things that you are always looking for and can never find. Just do it. It’ll give you peace for a year.

12. Visit the shoemaker

Ensure that all your investment pieces are cared for. Fresh heels, soles and shiny noses.

13. Do a little dance everyday

Do it when you get home from work. Spotify on, curtains closed (or open if you think your neighbours deserve a dance too) and I’m telling you; let loose, go for it.

14. Set your daily alarm a half hour earlier

Some people amongst us will not get this at all, but your life is so much more organised if you start with a half hour head start to the day. Dishwasher unpacked, mails checked and popped past the dry cleaners. Anna Wintour says that those who get up early have a head start on everyone else and she is totally correct.

15. Buy beautiful underwear

If you are not involved with someone or if you’ve been with the same person for a while. A beautiful set is the source of fun. Amen.