How to survive work Christmas parties

It’s almost Christmas and those Christmas parties are stacking up. Drinks with people that you usually have meetings with and other kinds of work things can be lots of fun, but can also go very wrong. Follow these do’s and don’ts and all will be fine, and Christmas will be over without any pain.



I totally get that you seriously do not want to spend your free evening with a bunch of boring colleagues, but these parties are so bad to miss out on. Not only because you can’t talk about it with everyone the next day, but because of the social bonding – excuse the marketing terminology. It’s a good thing to discover that boring old Jochem from IT can play guitar really well and that he once travelled around Australia by himself.

Drink a lot very quickly because you feel awkward

Because you don’t know how to behave and oh go on pour me another glass of wine, yes just one more then no wait I’ll take the bottle – and before you know it you’ll be standing on top of the copy machine singing All I Want For Christmas is Yoooooou at the top of your lungs. To the entire office. Not cool.

Forget that they are your colleagues, not potential one night stands

You might find Jochem from IT so cute that you can imagine travelling around Australia with him, but keep it under control. Love on the work floor can be nice and exciting, but a one night stand with a colleague is almost always mega uncomfortable. Don’t do it.

Wear an extremely revealing dress

You think, party! I’m putting my new Hervé Leger-dress on! That is never a good plan but especially to a work Christmas party. Remember, yes there is alcohol, but it is and will always be a work event so you need to dress correctly.


Always tempting to talk about everyone at the office with a few in you, but take care, you never know who is standing behind you or who is talking about you.


Keep your bubbly in your left hand so you have a free hand to greet with.

The larger the company where you work, the more hands to shake. Very irritating if you need to explain the wet hand each time or offering your CEO or other big cheese an icy hand to shake. Keep your glass in your left hand, so the right one is always free.

Talk to people from other departments

Don’t only talk to people who you normally work with but try to meet people from other departments. Jochem from IT for example, but there are also other interesting people around. For sure.

Talk about things other than work

I suggest not talking about your bosses dead mother (painful) or the recent divorce of a colleague (equally painful), but if you’re the one who can’t stop talking about marketing plans or Excel sheets all evening, you’ll be the one standing alone next year because everyone found you so boring.