The Birkin Bag

You’ve got bags and designer bags. But up there, soaring lonely heights, are Hermès bags. The most famous of their collection is the Birkin, the most expensive and exclusive bag out there with waiting lists that last up to six years.

Jane Birkin’s mess

The Birkin was born when chief executive at Hermès Jean-Louis Dumas sat on the plane next to Jane Birkin on the plane from Paris to London. Jane tried to put her straw bag into the hand luggage department above her head, but all her stuff fell on the floor of the plane, and Jane had to go on hands and knees to collect everything. While complaining in the meantime that she had such a hard time finding a weekend bag. That seed was planted, you must understand, and Jean-Louis worked on it.

Ungrateful Jane

The bag was made. A copy without a logo that would make history as the most recognisable and exclusive bags out there. It varies in price between €4000 and a Birkin has once been sold for €203,150. Jane remained a rock chic and put all kinds of stickers on hers. She also wore it nonchalantly open which has become the blueprint for how the bag should be worn.Very. Nonchalantly. Like you couldn’t care less about those eight thousand euros. That’s how you’re supposed to wear it. Quite ironic, Jane got over the bag quite soon. Too heavy, she thought. “I need a shoulder operation if I keep walking around with this bag.” Okay, then give it to me, I’d say.

Exclusivity above all

Hermès bags are made with the finest leather. The saltwater crocodile skin is the most expensive one of all. Unique to the Birkin is that the lining is also entirely done with leather. Disadvantage, yes Jane, it’s kind of heavy. But hey, it’s a great workout for your upper arms.

Spa treatment for bags

Hermès offers overheated Birkins a spa treatment which rejuvenates and refreshes your bag…

Don’t get wait-listed!

The Birkin used to have waiting lists of over six years. In 2010, Hermès officially declared that there aren’t waiting lists anymore when you order a made to measure copy, which you can take home right away. Rumours are that Hermès doesn’t like to see the wrong kind of people with their bags, so they say there’s a waiting list. Hoping they’ll shop at the neighbours. So remember, when they say there’s a waiting list, arghhh, you’re doing something wrong. It’s their polite way of rejecting you.

Kelly or Birkin

The other famous Hermès bag is the Kelly bag. Right, named after Grace Kelly. I’ll teach you a simple way to tell the difference. The Kelly has only one handle, the Birkin two.