When my alarm clock went off last Saturday morning at 05:00, I A) really didn’t want to wake up B) cry profusely and C) throw my phone out of the window. But then I realised that the alarm clock went off for a special reason, I was going to Paris!

Paris! Parigi! And even that with a special reason (which Paris doesn’t need because Paris is always a good idea), I’m was going there to admire the Viktor & Rolf show. And to eat lots of baguettes, bien sûr. Et un petit peu de vin blanc.

After a surprisingly short drive (it’s really only 4,5 hours) we arrived in Paris and I fell instantly in love again. That city does something to a person. All those huge buildings, all that history all in your face, every corner of the street that screams for a photo, and the people, oh the people — everyone looks so lovely.

The Viktor & Rolf show was in the gardens of the Tuileries, and when we walked by the famous fountains, we saw the entire fashion business in front of the tents. Just like in New York, plenty of birds of paradise, but luckily also a lot of very chic French women that made their ways through the throng of people with heads bent. The show room and the runway was still wrapped up, but on the wall behind the runway we saw a large labyrinth of paths that converged in the runway, which, simultaneously, looked like a motorway. The entire Dutch fashion press was present. I saw Esther Coppoolse from Elle, Karin Swerink from VOGUE, and Cara Schiffelers from Grazia. I also saw André van Duin, by the way. Fashion lover in hiding? But the online world was represented by Leandra Medina from The Manrepeller, Susie Lau from StyleBubble, and Charlotte from The Fashion Guitar.

And then, showtime. The opening look was a huge oversized dress of grey cashmere, and you could hear the room think: I want that. The previous collections were quite conceptual, this one rather commercial — though absolutely in a good way. Wearable pieces that were constructed quite ingeniously and made of fabulous materials. Lots of ‘optical illusions’, trousers with stitched on pieces that made them look like smart trousers, and tops with bras or bows. Later in the collection there was also more colour and prints, ranging from graphic work to floral. Lots of knits, coarse materials, and, of course, Swarovski stones because V&R currently collaborates with them.

After the show everyone rushed outside for the next show. I hovered near the exit to take some photos (of amongst others the models Kai Newman with Burberry poncho and Liu Wen in a leather jacket from Céline), and, unexpectedly, I got photographed too. My KLM blue suit and Giuseppe Zanotti boots received approving looks. I saw another blue jacket from the corners of my eyes, the jacket of the legendary Bill Cunningham. I took a photo of him and told him I was such a big fan to which he replied “Oh thank you darling, but you make a far better subject” and he started taking photos of me. It almost made up for the fact that I hadn’t bumped into Olivia this entire fashion month.

When everyone left again it was time for baguettes and wine. On Café de Flore’s terrace, the place where Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir used to meet, I ordered fried eggs (this place is famous for their eggs) and orange juice, which I traded in for vin later. In front of me I only saw insanely beautiful people walk by, and I hadn’t ever seen so many Céline and Chanel bags out in the wild. With the V&R show still fresh in my memory, the sun on my head, and Paris below my feet, I felt genuinely happy. And later, when I grow up, I want to become a Parisienne. Paris, je t’aime.