how to prepare yourself for that important meeting

Even the greatest job in the world comes with boring, intense, and very important meetings. When I was editor-in-chief of Marie Claire, most of my time was dedicated to strategic meetings above and creative sessions below.

Coffee stains on your suit

The biannual board meetings with the French board of directors made everyone feel sick to their stomachs six weeks in advance.I even remember a publisher who, tense as he was, took the plane in order to be present at the meeting in Paris on time and got a cup of coffee over his suit from the stewardess. Rumours are that no one has ever cursed as loud as he has 8000 metres in the air.

Meeting with a lens

I forgot my lens at my first board meeting in Paris. I decided to take out my day lens at the station because I always carry around spare lenses in my bag. Didn’t turn out to be the case. I thought one was better than none, but you wouldn’t believe the headache I had at the end of the day.

If anyone should know

Meetings et moi. I’ve been around the block, have failed though no one noticed I did. Which is why you should let me advise you. You’ll see that meetings will become easy, perhaps even a bit fun.


Is key. And I really prepare well. If I’ve got an Important Day then I might even do the full monty. Fill up your tank and you’re prepared for everything. Though you bet the CEO will ask you to have lunch somewhere and you’ll still need to take someone else’s car. For a board meeting with our French board (which took place in the Netherlands once a year, and once a year in Paris), I’ve managed to find a dirty diaper full of pee. Just imagine if the director supreme would have to enter my spicy voiture.

Order and structure

Even if your life’s chaos, during important meetings you should always look in control. Here’s the checklist.

  1. Your laptop’s charged. Besides, you wiped it off with an iClean. This signals that you’ve got things in control. Your laptop too. Replace that romantic holiday photo of you and your love with something more professional. Your neighbour doesn’t need to see it. We haven’t met to have fun. Perhaps you even made something concerning the project you’re going to work on. Show them you did this on top of everything else.
  2. Same goes for your mobile phone. Charged and fresh and a professional wallpaper.
  3. If you write with a fountain pen, like I do, make sure it’s got ink. And carry a reserve just in case. Otherwise take a few pens that always work. Also one for those who forgot to bring one.
  4. Your Moleskin notebook’s orderly and organised. Leave unpaid bills at home.
  5. Now for your outfit. No matter how much I like to break your comfort zone, keep things safe when you’re going to a business meeting. Want to make a statement without saying too much, choose red. I’d go for fashionable but nothing too striking. Here too, pay attention to class and detail. It says something about your work methods.
  6. Don’t forget your perfume. I’d advise on something smelling strong, fresh, and very current. Dior Homme is the perfect fragrance to have meetings in. Yes, also for you.
  7. Use a nail polish with a good tone. Chanel’s particulière’s perfect for this. And paint them neatly.
  8. Make sure you’re wearing matching knickers (just for the feeling of it) and make sure you’ve shaved your legs and painted your toenails.
  9. Make sure the notes, the to do list, and everything you need for this meeting has been printed. Perhaps twice. Also for that colleague who forgot. That used to be you, but not anymore. Ha!
  10. Make sure you’re up to date on all the ROIs, brand prisms, and targets. It’s just a matter of showing, picking up, or further developing your strategy and ensuring everyone’s in on it.

Wear this:

1.Blouse, € 105, Paul & Joe
2.Dior Homme, Eau de Cologne, € 63,90, Dior
3. Le vernis, € 23,95, Chanel
4. T by Alexander Wang skirt, € 250, Net-a-Porter
5. Earrings, Wouter & Hendrix
6. Leather belt with buckle, € 29,95, Zara
7. Black pumps, € 59,99, Steve Madden via Invito
8.Artemis Necklace Gold, € 130, Ivy & Liv
. Mont Blanc Pen
10. Trousers, € 150, Filippa K
11. Classic Guardian Angel bag, € 525, Vlieger & vanDam